Just as an FYI, life sucks

I’ve posted before about how my life basically blows.
and here
Well to cap it all off, I was laid off last Wednesday because the company that bought us is doing a reduction in force. Isn’t life freaking grand?

No source of income except for 4 weeks severance plus my wife’s disability check. No insurance for me or my wife (thank Og the state has insurance for kids) but my wife needs medicine for hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Our savings are gone, we’ve run through our 401k, we’ve sold everything we can. No family support: my FIL who has money falling out of his ass told my wife that I was a loser because I couldn’t hold a job (despite the fact that I’ve never been out of work for more than 2 weeks since I started working) and my parents haven’t called me back since I told them about it last week. We had already been circling the drain financially, sinking further and further down because of outstanding medical bills and debt. Bill collectors are calling constantly. And now this.

I know I’ll find another job. I know that eventually I’ll be working and insured. But right now we are using the last $300 on our last credit card (the rest are more than maxed out) to buy groceries and a cheap video game for my son’s 15th birthday Saturday (I couldn’t stand the idea of him not getting something from us).

I’m tired of God/fate/the Universe/random quantum fluctuations routinely taking a crap on me and my family. I want the pendulum to swing the other way. I want success and happiness. I want stability and health. I no longer want to be Job, damn it!

Don’t worry about me doing anything drastic (besides, my only life insurance was from my old job). I just needed to vent about how depressing life is. I’d talk to a professional but I can’t afford it. And when I can finally afford it, I won’t need it!

Thank you for considering my pity party. Back to your regularly scheduled lives.

Fight on, brother. It says a lot about you that you can’t bear to let your son go without even though you probably will.

We feel for you.

Will you be getting any kind of Unemployment Comp, I hope?

First thing to come to my mind…I don’t know any state that wouldn’t give you a pink slip for a layoff like that…
Unless there is something you are omitting, I see no reason you cannot get out of this by collecting unemployment for a while until you find a better job. This time find one that has a name and a decent longevity record. You’ve got to provide for that wife of yours if she is unable to work herself…

Damned right. Just an idea, your location says Boonies IL, maybe the boonies isn’t the place to find stable work. Ever thought about coming up around the Chicagoland area? Probably lots more work.

I know you don’t know me, and I tried to send you a PM and an e-mail but you’re not signed up for it, but I have a gameboy advance sp with 13 games that I would love to send you for your kid. You may have seen some of my posts and might think I’m nuts but I do His work for those that need it when He shows me when it is needed. Please don’t think I am judging you as I know how you feel,as I lost my job on Monday sight unseen, other than I was standing for what is right in my workplace so I know how you feel. His light is all that guides me now. If you could send me an e-mail with your address.I will have them shipped to you ups next day air, at no charge to you. I don’t know if you have read His works but He loved children above many. I am sorry I had to post this as I feel it might offend you but He told me to do so and now it is up to you. Peace be with you. OM.

I’ll be getting unemployment but only after the severance is paid out over the next two pay periods. Then I can apply for unemployment but that takes another 2 weeks. But remember, unemployment does not come close to full pay.

I actually was working downtown and can also work the southern and western burbs. I just call it Boonies because it was all former farms fields and is still very rural.

Omegaman, thanks for the offer and the prayers. I don’t need the games but any word you can put in with the man upstairs is appreciated. Any prayers, good thoughts or animal sacrifices (kidding!) are welcome.

Huh – we used to be able to apply for unemployment right away. Check into that. I know either my husband or I (or maybe both) has collected unemployment at the same time as severance.

And I think they can get you started “in the system” right away, you don’t have to wait 2 weeks just to enroll (although there is a 1 week no-benefits period right when you start). Here’s a link to the IDES. It says you should get into their computer right away.

Sending good vibes your way. Hope life gets better soon :frowning:

Sorry to hear your news. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

Wow, I feel bad for you. I really hope things get better soon.

If you are severed and officially off the payroll then you can apply for unemployment. My company is cancelling me from benefits but my severence is still processed by payroll so I can’t file. Yeah, they’re assholes.

Thank you all for the supporting thoughts. I have a real interview tomorrow morning (not with a recruiter but a real company!) that would be perfect. Plus I just got off the phone with a woman that I had worked with almost 3 years ago and she said that she has passed my resume to her boss who seemed very interested. I think the good vibrations are helping. I’ll let you know if things pick up.

Thank you all again.

** OneCentStamp quietly takes his parakeet down from the makeshift altar in his living room **

Either way, best wishes. I know the desperate feeling of being in hard financial straits - it can wear you down like almost nothing else. It had a heavy hand in killing my marriage. I hope things turn up for you soon.

That really sucks, dude. Yeah, life can suck at times, but if I can give you some of my karma, I’d happily do so. Keep us updated, please.

What a difference a day makes! That’s wonderful news. I hope good things continue to go your way. Good luck with the interview!

Howdy folks. I’ve been incommunicado for a couple weeks while job hunting so wanted to give you the update.

I’m employed again! YEE HAW!

It took just under 3 weeks from layoff to hire and I started on Monday. Benefits are great and the money is (slightly) better. Things are still tight until my first paycheck next week but at least the future isn’t totally bleak.

Thank you all for your thoughts/prayers/warm wishes/burnt offerings.

Awesome about the new job. I’ll still send good vibes your way - you can never have enough!

Congratulations! How wonderful! Hooray!!


Erm… when you get back on your feet and everything, you think you could send me a replacement goat? If you need to repay in installments, perhaps you could just send me one ferret a week for five weeks?

I probably owe you interest, too. Do (1 guinea pig) + (1 hamster) = (1 ferret)?