just asking everyone to PLEASE keep their head

I don’t know what the age of the average doper is, but I’m willing to bet almost none of us has seen anything liek this before. At 20, I can tell you that yesterday, I believed I would not see America attacked like this by a foreign enemy within my lifetime. There is no word for how horrifying and terrible this all is.
But, I am worried about America’s reaction right now more than anything. I’ve got to start somewhere and if there’s one thing I can say about the SDMB it’s that the people here are open-minded. There’s a horrifying mentality going around already about punishing those responsible. While this should not be overlooked, there’s a shhot-first-and-ask-questions-later mentality that scares me a lot. I read the posts abolut taking out hostilities on Arab-Americans, and I agree that that is wrong. But then, there’s a lot more to it. Everyone is jumping the gun, pointing fingers, blaming everyone convenient. Palestinians, Afghanistan, Persia… we all know who the most likely candidate is, but we cannot be overcome bny anger or pride. we cannot bomb a pissant middle east nation to the stone age just to save face. I really hope Americans and our leaders will stop to think things thorugh.
Also, I hope people will not go blaming every ethnicity convenient. I worry about loyal Arab-Americans and American Moslems. At the same time, i worry about jews, since this whole thign was most likely done to protest our seeming favoritism toward Israel in the World’s Oldest War. I want everyone to just remember who our friends are, but also remember who our enemies are. And who they aren’t (both friends and enemies).
That’s all I suppose.
God flup America

and yes, we do (and presumably will) kick ass