Just ate peanut butter with an expiration date of 2003. What will happen?

That’ll teach me to sneak a bite of someone’s peanut butter out of the company’s fridge. I’m working overtime and am starving, and found a jar of peanut butter in the work fridge. It smelled OK, but the taste was just a little off. Not spoiled, but unusually oily, I guess you could say. So then I took a look at the lid and saw the expiration date was May 2003.

So, is there anything interesting that’s going to happen to me and my digestive system in the next 24 hours?

How are you feeling now?Proablly nothing, just in case Bye.

It’s been 45 minutes and nothing to show for it except some exceptionally pungent burps.

Keep us posted, I want to see how this develops. There’s a GQ that will answer itself!

The off taste of old PB is most likely just rancid change in the fats, resulting in breakdown products (aldehydes and ketones) which may taste/smell unusual but should be no danger.

At this point feeelinga’ tad lightaytheadeeedd but tahytyaahts a’ll;; did I maeentyion thearRE WASa qfunmny kineaD OF fuingus iiii notiicved in the4 jar lataaater /a/???

Have a good trip. :slight_smile:

Use the codeword ‘beagleboy’ when contacted via seance so we know it is really you.

The main concern would be oxidation - rancidity, which you’ve already noticed. There’s a slight chance of mold spoilage, but peanut butter manufacturers have to be pretty paranoid about keeping their product mold-free, because the peanuts can grow some pretty dangerous molds.

Shoehorn butterhorse?

Purple monkey dishwasher.

LOL I use this phrase all the time and thought I was the only one. :smiley:

Make sure it was not recalled for salmonella.

Dude ----- stop bogarting that jar and give me a hit! :wink:

Guess I survived. The walls are still kind of . . . moving, but not moving, you know? . . . but no upchucking or diahrrea, so I guess I don’t have botulism, anyway – thanks for the replies.

BTW, what kind of dangerous molds grow on peanuts?

Except that after 7+ years I would expect there to be little left other than Salmonella spp.

Aspergillus molds grow on peanuts, and produce aflatoxin.

Holy shit, do I need to worry about this now?

Hey, you want to die ignorant? :slight_smile:


I prefer “scooter my daisyheads.”