just checking something...

my teacher wants all reports sent to him electrinically. he dosn’t use Email, he just has it C&P into a text box on his website.

i want to see how the formatting will come out, so i am going to test it here. please, keep commentary to a minimum (unless it’s good commentary).

David Lee,
Hour 5,
Friday, September 07, 2001
Place Paper
Computer Desk

It is set off, beyond a corner, nestled in the shadows. Nearby is a large ventilation fan; there is no air conditioning here on the third floor, and I would probably die a horrible death of asphyxiation should the air settle.
What I speak of is not so terribly grand, for it is but a small patch of plastic, glass, and high-density metals. Not so terribly impressive, is this beige box, yet more is to it than meets the eye.
Lest thee mistake it for a mere bit of nothing, I tell you this: it is the center of my life, and through it do I live in distant places vicariously.
My Computer is the centerpiece of my life, and protects me from the null and void I would suffer should it lack. I gain through it my knowledge of world events, in a manner which grants me the knowledge of all, in a sense. My realm is that of the Internet, my home, The SDMB. A place where knowledge is shared and thoughts are too. There might discussions take place, and my mind expand, thanks to the beige glory on my desk.

Also about my desk are bits of clutter and mess. An empty binder here, a stray bit of paper there. The artifacts of thought, concept, and jokes. Also there are the artifacts of long spent and yet wasted time. Strewn empty cans of diet soda, Jewelcases lying stacked, and the remains of a meal that must migrate soon to the downstairs sink.
Nearby this desk of clutter, mess, and glory is a table, a short table with an old chair in front of it. Upon this table lies a backpack and the bits and pieces of paper and writing implements that show the work of school. Next to it is a large green seat, a loveseat size chair for reading.
Read what? Why, to read from the massive wall of books upon books set just beyond the table. This wall is that of five bookshelves, each ten feet high with seven shelves. And upon the shelves are books, many books. Each shelf is utterly filled with books, in most cases to three deep.
There are dormer windows set about, each also filled with books and junk. Directly behind me one of these is filled with discs and CD stacks, one part of the computer experience as a whole.

What special purpose and event is so rememberant of this place?
No single event or occurrence hold the true purpose and nature of this place to me. I cannot define my computer with but a single event, for it is a full part of my life; a shard, a facet, a great gaping section of my daily existence. Going without it is but as going without air, and as such, I live within its worlds of thought and concept.

By the same vein, I cannot describe my first sighting of this. It has been that important centering facet of my life for so long I cannot feel ever its absence.

ah. it looks even better here than it did in Word. hooray.

hopefully he will remember that he wanted people to make it doublespaced, so he should double the length of the thing if he wants to see how long it actually is…

now, tell me what you think, if you want.

Pretty good, IMHO. I’m like that, too. You might want to run it through a spell-checker, though.

eh. the spell checker lets it through…

what exactly set off your “his spelling sucks” alarm?

p.s. thanks for the positive commentary.

My spellchecker highlighted “Jewelcases” and “remembrant” and it recommended “Jewel cases”, “remember ant” and “remembering” “Rembrandt” and “remembrance”.

It said this as well:
Suggestions for saepiroth:
1. superthin
2. superthick
3. superrich
4. Superior
5. Sapporo
6. superior
7. superhigh
8. sparrows
9. Zaporozh’ye
10. Cyprus

oh… ok. it only highlighted the things i did intentionally. ok. good. i will fix jewelcases, though…