Just found the best reason in the world for voting for McCain


How can the American people let this golden opportunity slip by? If I were a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat I’d vote McCain. Hell, if I were Barack Obama I’d vote McCain to see the last of this lady! :slight_smile:

(I have faith in the American people too, Ms Sarandon!)

But then Tim Robbins would leave too, and he is awesome. I mean, hell, he played that guy in Top Gun who was always in the background and had like two lines, but was really badass. What was that guy’s name? He was awesome!

C’mon, aldiboronti, you know as well as I do that spoiled brat Hollywood Drama Queens always tease us with these promises and then break our hearts by going back on their word. Are you forgetting Alec Baldwin (and others) when he promised the same thing if Bush got re-elected? He hasn’t gone anywhere.

I had to look that up. I never realized Tim Robbins was Merlin.

*We *don’t want her! Vote Obama, vote Obama!

I dunno. Is she planning on taking her breasts with her? Because that would be a deal breaker.

Canada-(when Bush was re-elected). Are they still here? :smack:

Is this something that just the Dems threaten? Are there equivalent examples of Reps threatening to leave if the Dem wins?

I seem to remember a similar off-the-cuff remark made by George F*ing Idiot Bush a few years back. Something along the lines of “Hell, if them decromats ever get ahold of this country agin, a’hm moving to I-raq”. I think that was what he said. May just be wishful thinking on my part though…

It’s grandstanding, and seems to amount to some face time in the press, but as far as I know, no Celebucrat has ever followed through on this idea.

Why is it always the democrats that do this? Seriously… it’s right up there with disrupting press conferences, as something you only see democrats doing.

Do Democrats actually say this? Or is it something that conservatives claim that Democrats say?

The current OP comes from a gossip column, which I suspect ranks right up there with the Weekly World News for verifiability.

Gweneth Paltrow - who has taken quite a bit of shit for it.

Here’s the snopespage about it - Eddie Vedder, Alec Baldwin, Robert Altman and Pierre Salinger were all quoted as saying they’d leave back in 2000. Baldwin started denying before the election, Vedder & Altman chickened out, Salinger did actually move out of the country but then apparently went crazy.

Me either!

“You’re gonna do what?”

I’m glad you found the best reason to vote for McCain. Don’t forget to vote, now.

Vedder, Altman, and Salinger I agree on - they said it. Vedder and Altman welshed and Salinger followed through.

But Baldwin? Here’s what he said: “How can they get that oil flowing from Alaska? Cut taxes for the wealthy? Create an entire industry on the false promise of school vouchers? Build more prisons? Execute more indigent defendants?” Obviously Baldwin didn’t like Bush. But this passage was cited as showing that Baldwin was promising to leave the country if Bush was elected. And that’s ridiculous. When that “interpretation” of Baldwin’s statement was published, Baldwin stated he never said he would leave the country and he has stated this ever since.

She didn’t say she will, she said she would check it out.