Just got a Xmas card from my Sister

Via snail mail. But the return address is not what I expected it to be. My sister and I are just short of “being estranged.” We just get along a lot better if we don’t communicate. Its a long story and trust me, its much better this way. If we talk on the phone it usually ends up in an argument.

But this card’s return address is about 300 miles from where I thought she lived. Did she quit (or lose) her job? leave her husband? Did they just relocate? Or is she just there for the holidays? I think one her best friends from high school lives in this town but I have no idea what her married name is.

Not looking for any advice, just mundane and pointless. If she wanted me to know, she would have told me. She has my email address, but it has been several months since I received any email from her. I may or may not talk to my Dad (neither my sister or I talk to him very much either) in a couple of days, not sure whether I should ask him as it could upset him.