Just Got Back From The ER.ll....

… seem to have progressed (regressed?) into another stage. I woke up this morning (NOT feeling fine). After looking around on google, it could be demtia majnifestying itself as another form of dementia more commonly referred to as Parkinson’s disease. Anyway, its symptoms manifest themselves with trouble with swallowing unless I swallowing water, whicj triggers an automicx nervous system response.

Another problem is formig them. words or even typing. The word “swallow”, for insa\s comes our swakswak. I left in without correcxrting them. I CAN sleep intenittemettently, soi ewill be takjin a mild sleep medication and trying to get to slerep thatg way. I will keep 'all posted. D. Hard candy is ussupposed to work.

Anyone gpot any otjhere ideas?



Apparently orencia has helped some folks as does sucking on hard candy. I burp a lot which relieves some=ofsh. Okay, I started on some hard candy at 4:19 and at 4:36 the swalloing problem came back, One of the commenrtsadwfinion mention a a series of mini straokews.


Sorry to hear this. I’m going to move this over to IMHO, which is better suited to medical advice.

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Forgot something: I am not joking with y;‘all’s job, remember;)? And I’m not flipping out on ya, I promise. This is the worst ay. I’m gettinng wortrried, but I’,am alo gettn.
Love y’all


Are you okay…? :frowning:

:0 :slight_smile: Caught it!:0::slight_smile:

Oh, yeah. Just a new symptom to get used to, is all:) As long as I have y’all with me, I’ll be fine.

Your typing is a bit off, Quasi, but hopefully that’s just because you’re tired.
You’re a strong willed man…you can handle this. But keep us up to date.

Best wishes…


You’re giving your spellcheck a heart attack!

Hope you’re feeling better soon, Quasi - ER visits are never any fun. Take it easy on yourself for a bit.

Quasi, this is getting painful to watch. I hope this is just a temporary blip. Feel better.

Hope this finds you later tonight or in the morning feeling much better.

Ministrokes aren’t anything to joke about - if you’re still having trouble spelling and thinking of words, then please get yourself checked out. You of all people should know better than to internet-diagnose yourself! :slight_smile:
As a slightly less worrisome possibility, some of the symptoms of GERD (gastro-esophogeal-reflux disease) are burping, bloatedness, and trouble swallowing.
We’re all on your side here - feel better!

I hope you’re resting well, Quasi.

Difficulty swallowing–just a guess. Not a totally uninformed guess but a guess all the same.

It is allergy season. Maybe it has to do with allergies and then was exacerbated by anxiety or a panic attack?

Here’s a poem written by Anonymous:

A centipede was happy quite
until a frog, in fun, said
Tell me, which leg comes after which?
This raised her mind to such a pitch
she lie distracted in a ditch
wondering how to run.

Nitey Nite!


We’re right here with you Bill. Please take care of yourself and keep us up to date.

Quasi, I just caught this thread this morning. I hope you are feeling better today.
My FIL and best friend’s wife are both suffering from similar Parkinson’s symtoms, let me know if there’s any questions you may have or anything I can help with.
Take care,

I’m tired of it too. We’re thinking that something I’m already taking may be interfering, so we’re trying to eliminate the supplements and vitamins first. My oxygen saturation level had dropped to 84 (very low for me-I usually run in he high nineties). Today except for a swollen tongue (from all the candies I was sucking on, I think), I’m okay except for some rattling in my chest. I had also started using some of D’s O2, to bring my sats up - which worked as long as I was sitting still. One more thing. When I started lying flat, it got some better and I was at least able to sleep. Going back to my neuro guy to see what the hell’s wrong. There wasn’t one on call and all I could get was the ER doc.

… to let you all share this part of my life, I did so knowing full well that this in itself isn’t normal behavior and that if I were to poll all of you, I bet most of the “no’s” would be because it’s really no one’s business what’s going on with me physically or mentally.

All of my adult life I’ve been hearing people tell me “You’re very complex”, “you’re your own worst enemy”, and “you’re narcissistic.”. That last one hits pretty close to home in its accuracy, and although I know that I am, I don’t why I am that way.

One other question I asked myself was “What do you think others will think you have to gain from laying it all out like that before them?” That’s another one I can’t really get a handle on. I mean, whether it be survival, success, or trying to be as best a friend as I can to everyone, maybe the “survival” one is the best reason. I am hoping to convey that by hanging on, communicating my thoughts and feelings and letting you see my “dirty underbelly”, I can let you see just how screwed up a guy can get and still carry on some semblance of life.

So what’s in it for me? I can’t think of a thing unless it’s just leaving behind that part of me that’s relatively still un-fucked up, that part of me which can make you smile whether it’s intentional or just because I really am a dumb-ass.

This last little episode, other than making me feel panical, kinda “centered” me too, in that it made me think that I’m not immortal, and that life is not finite.

So, no. It isn’t sympathy I am after. I think it’s thinking that even though I sometimes feel that there isn’t anyone who cares, there really is. (Hope that makes sese!)

A little anecdote about my narcissism: Back in the mid-80’s, I worked on 2 Community Theatre plays. One was "You Can’t Take It With You’, and another was an Agatha Christie murder mystery whose title I can’t recall.

Except for high school I had never done any acting and had to be taught how to apply my own make-up. When I got done (with some help of course) I looked in the mirror, and… fell in love! All my blemishes had disappeared, my eyes looked brighter, bluer and deeper. So I got to thinking, “Holy shit, you’re beautiful!!! Why can’t you look that way ALL the time???”:slight_smile:

So I don’t know how you took what I just now wrote, but since you’re the only ones I know, even in a limited way, looks like y’all are it.:slight_smile:

Finally, I don’t know if my family (brother, nephews etc.) are pulling back from me or if I am pushing them back, but communicating with you all here is much easier than in real life, and I appreciate every second you give me in reading this.



It’s always a pleasure to read your posts.

For what it’s worth, my own opinion is that if you feel that communicating with invisible people on the internet helps you keep your headlights bright, then go for it!

I’m very glad to see that you’re feeling better tonight - I was a mite worried about you!

How are you feeling today? Better, I hope!

Quasi, man, we’re still here, and we’re pulling for you. You know that people care, and we’ll listen as long as you have something to say.