Just got my wisdom teeth out, what should I do with them?

OK, so it was a messy, hurty affair with the blood and infection and drilling away of bone. But it’s done now and I’m on some pretty good drugs, so please excuse any typos or anything else that does not make sense. But now I have two almost entirely intact, really large teeth sitting in a cup just needing to be shown off somehow. I want them to scream “Look at the giant things that were in my mouth! Can’t you just feel how much it hurt to remove them?” I was thinking of putting them in a jar or something. But first I gotta do something to preserve them, right? There’s stuff inside, the pulp, that will get all gross if I just leave it stting around. Should I boil them? What did you do with your teeth?

I soaked mine (all 4) in a baking soda solution (a spoonful of baking soda in a cup of water) for about a week, changing the solution every day. This seemed to deal with the minor amount of dead flesh still inside. I then drilled a hole through each one - a generic sears corded drill with a small general purpose bit worked fine - then strung a piece of string through and displayed them proudly over my desk in my college room. Great conversation starters.

Oh and when we had a jungle party at college, I hung them from my ears using cheap clip-on earrings I got from somewhere.

I just put them under my pillow. Let the tooth fairy deal with them. I’d rather have the money anyways.

They let you keep them? No fair, no fair!

I had five wisdom teeth, which was exactly the reason I wanted to keep them all. They showed them to me (this I barely remember, as I was still coming out from under the anesthesia) and I asked if I could keep have them, or at least just the littlest fifth tooth. Nope. Apparently they were “toxic bodily waste”. WTF?

Were they toxic when they were in my mouth? Was the staff just being obnoxious? I don’t get it.

I had cufflinks made out of mine. These were the uppers, which the doctor autoclaved for me after I told him I wanted to keep them. Unfortunately, they weren’t the bigger lower teeth, with the distinctive shape. The cufflinks turned out well, although my wife loathes them. 18K white gold, about the size of a quarter, they only cost me USD 37.

I keep mine in my dungeon dice bag. Great for breaking the ice at D&D perties!

I only got one of mine out in one piece.
I made a necklace charm out of it. First I bleached it overnight. It is on a beaded choker necklace so the tooth sits right in that cavity between my collar bones. It is quite the conversation piece. I get equal amounts of people that think it’s cool and people that think it’s disgusting.
I would have made earings if I had two.
I have some of my dogs’ baby teeth I’m thinking about making into earings.

Definitely earrings! They should polish up nicely.

I didn’t get to keep mine either.

You could donate them to some scientific research body, such as:


Of course, I have no idea if they’d actually want them, but it seems like a good thing to do with them.

I got to see mine after surgery, they were in about 500 pieces. They would have made a nice, hideous beaded bracelet or something.

Soak one of them in Coca-Cola, and see if/how long it will take it to dissolve.

I never got wisdom teeth, and it’s my understanding that if you don’t get them before you’re my age (42), you’re not going to. Fine by me. But I really have never understood the whole mindset of keeping things that were medically removed from you (well, except my kids; I kept them. Now they won’t let me return the 17-year-old; something about the warranty being expired or something. . . :wink: ). But I’ve probably had 25 or more kidney stones removed from me/passed from my body in the past 27 years. People always say “did you keep it?” and my best response is “ewwww. No.” Not saying there’s anything wrong with keeping these things as souvenirs, just that it’s not my cup of stones. . . or teeth. . .or whatever.

Well, you could always take a picture and put them online.

My wisdom teeth!

Stupid Tripod. :o

New link here.

I had one of my front teeth knocked out about 2 months ago and have had it in the little jar they gave me at the hospital on my counter. I have been racking my brain trying to think of something to do with it. I thought about the whole necklace idea, but its pretty big and I wouldn’t want everybody to know my front teeth are fake. Hmmmm . . . . the search continues. . . .

who wants a horror story? When I got my wisdom teeth out, I woke up half way through to feel the doctor prying my teeth out of my head… when he realized I woke up he jerked one way chipping one of my teeth seriously… i felt/heard the whole thing and he upped the sedative before I could say anything in pain/anger so i passed out right away.

You were out for it? Shit all four removed the same day with a local. The noise will haunt me forever.

Send them on a world tour to various dopers. Have them take pictures of them with various people and/or monuments. Beats a paper doll.

Speaking of saving weird things, my aunt saved all her childrens’ umbilical cords. This was looooong before science found a use for them.

Make 'em into spearheads for a G.I. Joe.

Or craft them into bullets to use against…uh…food demons. Yeah, that’ll work.

Or carve them into really tiny keys for a dollhouse piano. (They’re like Ivory, aren’t they?)

I have a pair of small surgical plates on my keychain from an old wrestling injury. I’m sure teeth could be rigged into a keychain of sorts, but one would think they’d be a bit more fragile.

Found: origin of the most effective redneck pickup line of all time - “Hey, darlin’, you shore got perty teeth”.

My suggestion is a genital piercing. Ooooh, that thing’ll bite you!