Just hose him down in the yard!

In the further adventures of parenting a toddler my son is for some bizarre reason terrified of the shower. First I thought ah he is scared of the water(plus it is unheated) so I make him warm water and try to use a cup to bathe him. No dice even more terrified!:rolleyes::rolleyes:

If I am in the shower taking a shower he will come in whether I want him to or not, but the second I turn my attention to him he starts screaming and trying desperately to run, and let me tell you even with two adults a soapy toddler is harder to hold on to than you’d think!

We finally landed on hosing him down with a hose in the middle of the day when the sun is shining, which he seems to enjoy even.
God kids are weird!

We told you the Fisher Price Psycho Playset was a bad idea…

But it came with REAL Hershey’s Syrup!

Mother would not approve.

Grude, see if you can get the kid to yell protest chants while you turn the hose on him.