Just How British Are You? (Even If You're Not)

An Online Quiz from the BBC.

There’s actually some tricky questions in there which could be argued are matters of opinion. But I scored 12/15, which apparently means I’m in line for a seat in Parliament. :frowning:

Amazingly there’s no question along the lines of “Do you have an identity card?” Funny that…

I only got 4.

Me, who prefers BBC.

I suck.
but, in other arenas…dog liscenses were abolished ? Why? was that a form of canine slavery or what?

well, i got 8.
Jolly poor show, what?

But then i’m not british. However, living in Ireland you would think I would’ve picked up a bit more than that. After all we do get the beeb.

I got 7 right.

8/15… That’s pretty shoddy for a Brit, though the only one I shouldn’t have got wrong is the voltage one.

Maybe I should start drinking tea again.

6! I’m impressed with myself.

I got 7 right, which means I’m ready for a seat on the district council. What exactly does that suggest?

But perhaps more importantly, I did get the right answers to the questions about what to do if you spill someone’s pint, what my rights are if the police wish to question me, and what I should ask a solicitor. I’m all set. :smiley:

Well, damn. 14/15, mostly by guessing.

I got 8.

No problem with pub related questions but flunked history. Maybe I should join another board…

  1. I certainly don’t “respect the elected political structures”, I overestimated the population of Scotland, got the Saints Days very wrong, and didn’t ask the lawyer’s charges.

You got 9 right!
0-5: Seat in Heathrow arrivals… 6-10: Seat on the district council…11-14: Seat in Parliament…15: Seat on the throne

Not bad for a Dutch guy. :smiley: Got the ones I knew right, and the ones I guessed wrong.

14/15. Cripes.

I got the second question wrong.

:rolleyes: Like the Queen’s ever likely to know what to do after spilling someone’s pint. Or be invited down the local nick to assist with enquiries. Or phone in an emergency.

The correct answers in the above cases are, of course;

1/ Ask them “And what do you do?”
2/ Refer the matter to your Private Secretary.
3/ Attract the attention of the nearest member of the Royal Protect Squad.

This is a quiz about a book I have not read (since I was born damn close to the sound of Bow Bells).
Therefore my score of 5 is not important.

Take question 1:

to be British means you should…

A: “Respect laws, the elected political structures, traditional values of mutual tolerance and respect for rights and mutual concern.”
B: “Share in the history and culture of an island nation with a character moulded by many different peoples over more than two thousand years.”
C: “be part of a modern European democracy, one with a tradition of sharing our ways with the world – and allowing the world to bring its ways to us.”

Any of these are sensible answers. I knew the Romans brought decent roads, baths and aqueducts here over 2000 years ago. I know we are in the EU and I eat curry. But that doesn’t get me any marks!

So I am starting my own thread:

Can you pass an Anglophile test?

See you there!

FWIW, a few years ago, while working for a catering agency, we catered for a visit by Liz & Phil…the specific advance instructions for the midday meal included a large G&T for the Queen, and a can of Boddies for the Duke. So she probably knows what happens if somebody spills her husband’s pint - I’m guessing they get piled on by Special Branch heavies.

You have to remember that this is a governmental document. That’s how I got this right, by choosing what they’d consider most important in an obedient citizen and place first.

Plus, it’s written by a government that will take any opportunity to avoid talk of Europe, of multiculturalism, or of immigration

I got a 13/15, and I’ve never even been to the UK!

I got the saints’ days wrong (you’d think someone who was raised Catholic should know when Saints’ days are…), and the emergency number question wrong. 112? What kind of nonsense is that?!

I got a 7. Who knew about dogs? And I didn’t know about the voting age.

They seem quite concerned about Father Christmas, don’t they? Never mind MP and elections–the pressing concern is Father Christmas!

The lawyer one cracked me up–no worries about if the guy knows his stuff–how much does he charge?!

It’s the number for most of Europe, and also is pre-programmed in some mobile phones, so it’s logical to have the system recognise it alongside 999.