Just how harmful is pornography anyway?

Hundreds of millions of men and teenagers look at porn every day.
Most of them don’t end up trying it out on their 8 year old sister because she is small and “couldn’t remember stuff”.

Is the daily mail wrong in its latest moral-outrage jihad?



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He could also have tried it out after reading how people have sex in a sex ed manual. What make people assume that porn has some peculiar properties that would make kids more likely to “try it out”?
Obvious solution anyway : watch porn with your children from an early age :smiley:

(All things considered, I’m not sure I’m joking : why would watching people have sex be harmful to children in any way if they’re accustomed to the concept?)

There was a time when most families lived in a single room. Your parents having sex was just something you had to pretend to ignore.

Remember the story of Ray McKigney?

[spoiler]MAN: (Clears throat) Tragic story, I’m afraid. He could’ve had any woman in the world… but none could match the beauty of his own hand… and that became his one true love…

(Long pause)

GEORGE: You mean, uh…?

MAN: Yes. he was not… master of his domain.

GEORGE: (Makes a gesture saying he understands. The man nods) But how… uh…?

MAN: (Quick, to the point) The muscles… became so strained with… overuse, that eventually the hand locked into a deformed position, and he was left with nothing but a claw. (Holds hand up, displaying a claw-like shape) He traveled the world seeking a cure… acupuncturists… herbalists… swamis… nothing helped. Towards the end, his hands became so frozen the was unable to manipulate utensils, (Visibly disgusted by this last part) and was dependent on Cub Scouts to feed him. I hadn’t seen another pair of hands like Ray McKigney’s… until today. You are his successor. (George looks down at his hands) I… only hope you have a little more self-control.

GEORGE: (Smiling to himself) You don’t have to worry about me. (Nodding, gloating) I won a contest.[/spoiler]

To be fair he cheated in that contest.

Of course not. That’s what pets are for.

Airial Clark, who coaches parents on talking to their kids about sex, argues that forbidding your adolescent from watching porn “doesn’t make you a prude or a hypocrite; it makes you a responsible adult.” She explains, “I am a strong advocate for age-appropriate sexuality education. I’m also a strong advocate for age of consent laws. I absolutely believe kids should not be viewing porn.”

Laurence Steinberg, a professor of psychology at Temple University, agrees: “I don’t think that adolescents ought to be viewing Internet pornography, particularly at this young age, … In his book, “You and Your Adolescent,” Steinberg writes that “hard-core pornography links sex to aggression,” “distorts male-female relationships,” “ignores intimacy” and “presents an unrealistic picture of sexual behavior.” He also argues, “At a stage when young people have many doubts about their own bodies and sexual competency, it isn’t helpful to watch women with enormous breasts and men with huge penises mimicking sexual ecstasy.”

Amy Lang, a sexual health educator and founder of Birds + Bees+ Kids, says: “Internet porn is generally way too much information about sex for a 13-year-old boy. He really doesn’t have the emotional or intellectual ability to make sense of what he’s viewing.”

If I’d seen what’s out there today, when I was a kid, I’d be scarred for life. I sure it’s bad for me even now: most fun things are.

Recent meme: Porn gives young people an unrealistic and unhealthy idea of how quickly a plumber will come to your house.

It’s only harmful when it leads to masturbation–which as everyone knows MAKES YOU GO BLIND!!!

It’s beneficial, mostly. It gives men a harmless way to sate their desires rather than letting their frustrations build until they do something that hurts themselves or someone else. It is correlated with a general decrease in sex crimes.

Or, you might have become the coolest, happiest, healthiest, merriest, most savoire-faire and joi-de-vivre boywhore in the bus station. Who knows?

And, face it, if you take it away, we’re gonna last about a week and then go frothing-roaring-wild and start ravishing everything on two legs. World War X. It’s a proven scientific fact, so there.

Shortened OP to the pertinent part. Answer is always “yes.”

The 90s were my prime porn years. My dad got CyberPatrol. I swore up and down at the time that I’d never subject my kids to that. But when I was younger I also found ways to bypass the protection. I now think that it is a formative part of growing up to hone your skills trying to get at porn.

A rite of massage, as it were.

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Totally. It has always puzzled me why most porn is so disgusting and evil. Actual sex isn’t, in my experience. On the contrary, it is often a wonderful experience of love and intimacy. Why pornography doesn’t depict that, but instead (at least 95% of the time, there are a few exceptions, thankfully) opts for an aesthetic so horrible and vile that it seems to have been made by, and for, some strange species of evil gremlin, just seems mysterious to me.

If anyone has an idea why this is, I’d love the hear it.