Just how smart are you????

Some say there are those that are smarter than me.
But I say to those that can not be.
If you can answer in one word the riddle below,
You’ll be smarter than me, this you’ll show.
In the Bible only four times it appears,
The Word of God is all it hears.
Three times in the old, and once in the new,
I really think that I’m smarter than you.
Adam, God made out of dust,
But thought it best to make me first.
So I was made before man:
I answer God’s most holy plan.
A living being I became,
And Adam gave to me, my name.
I from his presence soon withdrew,
And more of Adam never knew.
I did my makers law obey,
Nor ever went from it astray.
Thousands of miles I go in fear,
But seldom on earth ever appear.
For purposes wise which God did see,
He put a living soul in me.
A soul from me God did claim,
And took from me the soul again.
So when from me the soul had fled,
I was the same as when first made.
And without hands, or feet, or soul,
I travel on from pole to pole.
I labor hard by day, by night,
To fallen man I give great light.
Thousands of people young and old,
Will by my death great light behold.
No right or wrong can I conceive,
The scriptures I cannot believe.
Although my name therein is found,
They are to me and empty sound.
The feet of death doth trouble me,
Real happiness I’ll never see.
To Heaven I shall never go,
Or to hell down there below.
Now when these lines you slowly read,
Go search your Bible with all speed.
For my name is written there,
I now honestly do declare.

Ooh, Biblical knowledge = intelligence.

Take it outside, Godboy.

Or put it in MPSIMS, at the very least.

General Questions is for Questions you are seeking factual answers to.

Riddles belong in MPSIMS.

Off to MPSIMS.

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There is a factual answer to it. Just because you may not know the answer don’t mean it isn’t factual.


Just because I don’t know the answer doesn’t mean I care what it is, either.

Later, Dude.

Anybody got a good enchilada recipe?

How about “Yeti”? “Leprechauns”? “The Holy Ghost”? “Menehune”?

Not attributing that old riddle to its true author was a whale of a mistake.


Dick Clark?

Oops, I should have attributed my comment to Superintendent Chalmers.

Wasn’t even really a whale. That’s a King James thing. It was a “big fish.”

What my respected colleage said was “Questions you are seeking factual answers to”. That means GQ is for factual questions you don’t already know the answers to.

Ok sorry, my bad. Nice job hajario.

Gozer the Gozerian

What have I got in my pocket?

I’m not hip on my Bible knowledge. Would someone mind pointing me to the answers to the lines in the riddle, like “I was made before man”? Is it all in the book of Jonah?

You think I’m unreliable?
Well when you quote the bible
Is when I load my rifle