Just in Case Anyone's Forgotten How Dangerous Driving Is...

…take a moment to visit this site (please ignore the title there - the author isn’t making light of the situation, as he explains himself). What gives me chills down my spine is the fact that, as he notes himself, if he’d been a few minutes earlier, it would have been him involved. It could be any of us, at any time. Well, now that I’ve cheered everyone up, my work here is done :frowning:


Very sobering. I heard about it once I got to work that day, since it was in a different part of the city than I live in.

What got to me about it was that, when they interviewed drivers who were delayed by it, wasn’t that they were upset about people dying in this horrid accident, but rather angry that they were late for work(ok, it was by as much as 4 hours for some people). I figure there were probably a lot of fender benders from people speeding down the surface streets as well.

Settle down when you’re driving people, or else, next time, it may be you or somene you love who isn’t able to leave the car.

It’s the same feeling I get when I watch one of Fox’s “World’s (insert your favorite superlative here) Police Videos”. I saw one the other night where a guy doing 120mph on the Auotbahn lost control of his Mercedes which flipped over, slid on the roof for 100yds, flipped over again with the roof shearing off, and landing in a ditch. The driver SURVIVED! I couldn’t possibly imagine the horror.