Just letting you know... as if you cared but ANYWAY, on to the change!

SanguineSpider has become Nine times Nymph…
No throwing tomatoes! :mad:

You joined two months after me and you’re over 600 posts?!?!?

SanguineSpi … er, I mean, Nines times Nymph, you do too much Dope!!

I know!!! wail

It’s a drug in my veins! But check this… barely over 600. I’ve got too much to say, I guess. And you are almost 500, babe… you’re almost the junkie I am.

I guess this is 500. Woo woo! My 500th post.

I know, I know … I need to go to DA (Dopers Anonymous)too …

What happened to the tried and trusted method of asking your fellow Dopers of their opinion on your prospective name change? Poor Mangetout hasn’t had a chance to root for Toast Museum or the like.

Actually I’m gonna miss 'ol SanguineSpider. In particular her sig made a deep and lasting impression upon me (SanguineSpider signing off …). Is that why you changed the name, since you don’t sign off any more? :smiley:

9x Nymph is a lot easier to spell…

I don’t like spiders… I guess I felt stifled and judged as a scary lil’ thing, I don’t know exactly. New name makes you guess, makes you wonder. I DO need a new sig so maybe you all can help there.

Forgot to mention: congratulations on your name change, anyhow, NtN

And what are you both complaining about with your puny 600-ish posts? :wink:

Actually I’ve consciously slowed down in recent months, so you may overtake me yet.

Pffffffft! I always thought spiders were cool. East TN isn’t native Nymph habitat, so I don’t know much about 'em. :stuck_out_tongue: Hmm … guess we’ll have to come up with a zinger of a sig for Nine times Nymph now. Well, anyway …






Wait, is it supposed to be Nines or Nine? Because people are saying half and half! :open_mouth:

throws tentative confetti

umm … oops

just add an s to all the times I typed Nine above.

Sorry 'bout that Nines times Nymph. :frowning:

I am SOOOOO such a big, embarrassed idiot right now.

Welcome to Nine-Hood, dahhhling.

It’s Nine… Nine and no s.

Nine times Nymph… and I didn’t choose to use a 9 because it looks too tacky, suffer through typin’ it, babe MWUAHHH HAAA HA!

Well crap! Looking to the left it has that damned S… GRRRRR! That is NOT how I had it spelled in my email to the moderator. How the hell do I go about fixing it??? Shite!

I bet you will have no problem with anyone else having this name (i mean besides the boards of course).
for your sig how about…

Nines x Nymph = nine times the fun!


btw I am happy to say I am not a Dope fiend with my measley 69, well I guess 70 now, posts.

Now I’m upset and sad, and I don’t wanna be Nines sigh

It’s a good name either way, but this way adds an air of mystery.

Jesus, I’ve been here for years and I still haven’t hit 500.

Well I’m a little sad. I’m a severe arachnophobe and seeing the name “SanguineSpider” on a regular basis was serving as a sort of aversion therapy. Sigh.
Can you elaborate on the reasons for “Nines times Nymph”? Not that I don’t like it of course…