Just noticed something on Futurama (no spoilers involved)

I must have seen Futurama in its entirety at least twice. Last night (Deep South) I noticed something that’s always escaped me before. The professor exclaims, “sweet zombie ," with the "” having been dubbed over by silence. Then tonight (Bender gets made) I noticed it again. It’s weird that I’ve been missing this, and I’m damned curious as to just what it was that they blanked out. Anyone have the DVD’s? What does he say? “Sweet zombie shit?”

He says “Sweet zombie Jesus”.

“Sweet zombie jesus

It was okay to air it on Fox, but apparently not Adult Swim. They say:

I knew that, too. Woops.

I’m surprised they’d edit it on CN, but not Fox.

Bugs me every time. C’mon, It’s Adult swim for Jesus’s sake.

Ah, great. Another example of censorship making something appear nastier than it actually is.

Reminds me of when a Seattle station played the fakey dubover of The Breakfast Club, where “Eat my shorts” became “Eat my socks.” (Way before The Simpsons, of course.)

And then Worzel Gummidge (a kid’s show, for Christ’s sake) was aired with a blank over the last part of “cowshed”, when Worzel was being upbraided after incautiously getting a bunch of cownasty on him. “You smell like a cowsh__!” I can see all the kids’ reactions: “Aunt Sally just said ‘cowshit!’” No she didn’t. :rolleyes:

Something I just noticed, which I’m amazed slipped past the censors, was (forget the episode) when the gang was walking through an exercise gym, and there is a brief waist-up shot of a women on a “Kegelsizer” machine. She blinks her eyes, the weights go up, she blinks again, weights go up…had me in tears :smiley:

On the commentary, they call that the dirtiest joke they ever got away with on Simpsons or Futurama.

Ok, help me out here. Kegel exercises - check. “Kegelciser” probably doesn’t exist.

What’s the point of the blinking?

The blinking was just showing the effort the woman was going to to life the weights.