"Sweet Zombie *Bleep*"! Futurama censored

Caught an episode of Futurama on Adult Swim last night. Lo and behold one of my favorite lines was bleeped.

Prof Farnsworth’s “Sweet Zombie Jesus!”

The Jesus was bleeped out!!

Didn’t Jesus’ 2nd coming happen in the 23rd century?

And he came back as a zombie?

I mean, really! This is 11pm folks!:rolleyes:

That tripped me out too.

Sweet Lion Of Zion! That’s stupid!

Sweet Gorilla of Manilla! I’m a Christian and even I thought that line was hilarious! I use it time to time…hoping God has a sense of humor.

The astonishing thing to me is that they censored that line, then an hour later you can watch a woman have sex with a snake on Reign. That just seems like an odd choice of what to censor to me, if you’re gonna censor anything.

sweet…something of…somewhere…

Seriously though, that is oneof the funniest of Prof. Farnsworth’s lines.

Apparently there’s a problem saying “Jesus” on the Cartoon Network that originated with the higher-ups. A couple of months ago a super-hilarious short cartoon from the Spike and Mike Animation festival called “Rejected” was scheduled to appear on the Sunday night Adult Swim. The short is full of off-color jokes, of course, including a character shaped like a dot who proclaims “Sweet Jesus! My anus is bleeding!” as blood pours out of where his anus should be. (Trust me–it’s much funnier than it sounds!) It got past the CN folks, the higher-ups at AOL Time Warner apparently decided that “Sweet Jesus” was not acceptable (although the bleeding anus was?) and pulled the plug at the last minute. This after Adult Swim had been promoting the cartoon for a week. This has been the subject of much discussion at the CN, and Mike Lazzo, the creator of Space Ghost who is now the VP of Programming for the CN, has vowed to fight for “Rejected” until it is aired.

The above information came from “knowledgeable sources” on the Unofficial Adult Swim message board, but I was unable to find the proper thread to link to.

To further clarify, I read that story a couple of months ago after being outraged that “Rejected” didn’t make it on the air. I will continue to search for a cite.

Rejected is very funny :slight_smile: Saw it a year ago or so as an email attachment :slight_smile:

It should be noted that Rejected is one of those rarities–an edgy, off-color, hilarious film that was actually nominated for an Academy Award! Don Hertzfeldt is a genuine talent.

Here’s a petition to air “Rejected” on the CN:

Here is the place I first saw the news about “Sweet Jesus!”

And “Rejected”'s official site: