Cartoon Network and the Second Commandment

I’ve noticed on two recent occasions that the word “Jesus” has been removed from episodes of Futurama. (In the episodes in question it’s used as an expletive by Prof. Farnsworth. “Sweet Zombie Jesus” “Holy Zombie Jesus”)

This is from the same network that has, somewhat ironically, repeatedly nixed plans to air Don Hertzfeldt’s hilariously twisted animated short Rejected not because of the bizarre humor or sick cartoon violence, but because of the appearance of the phrase “Sweet Jesus!”

This censorship has all occured in relation to CN’s Adult Swim lineup, which does not air until 10pm. Futurama doesn’t appear until 11pm.

Surely I can’t be the only one who finds CN choosing to censor its “Adult” Swim in this manner just slightly insulting.

I find it strange that CN would be more worried about something like this than a big-time network like Fox. Of course, Fox has a rep for being out-there, while CN still seems to want to keep a family-safe image (though Adult Swim was supposed to be its big chance to branch out, and its been wildly successful).

Of course, I find it ridiculous that they would be this super-conservative when their original owner once called the employees of his who took off of work on Ash Wednesday “Jesus freaks” and advised them to go work at NBC instead.