...just noticed that Google has just gotten a little bit smarter...

…so for a long time you’ve been able to “ask google questions” like “convert 10 pounds to kilos” or “what is the answer to life the universe and everything” and google would spit out the right answer at the top of the screen. But this only works with obvious questions and doesn’t work with general searches.

Well, tonight my brother asked me “who the captain of the Wellington Cricket Team was?”

So I did my normal google thing and threw the words cricket wellington captain into the search bar, pushed enter, and prepared to read the first link to find out the answer (expecting a link to either wikipedia or cricifo to get the answer.)

Well, sitting at the top of the google search was this:

“Best guess for Wellington cricket team Captain is Grant Elliott.”

So google can now guess I’m asking a question from three keywords and spits out the correct answer. I’ve tried a few other word combinations (like Auckland Cricket Captain) and they haven’t worked, so my guess is that the system is in beta and not fully rolled out yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing if they can get it working on a global scale…playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire would be much easier!

(Interesting…just tested it again, I changed the order to Wellington Cricket Captain, and I got different google results. Looks like google has a bit of work to do to get it working properly!)

It’s been doing that “best guess” for a long time with certain questions. At least a year ago it would come up with that if you typed a celeb’s name and “age”, for instance.

Try “Harvard bridge in Smoots”

ITS learning!!!

I for one would like it to stop “guessing” what I’m looking for; I’m tired of searching for “X” and then having to click on the “Showing search results for Y, did you mean X?”

There should be a setting somewhere “No Guessing”