Why look it up if we can bother other folks? (mild, lame)

I don’t want to derail the original thread, and I want to call people names, so to the pit it goes.

NO, you felched piece of bumfluff, this board would actually be a better place if you quit asking inane questions and put in some effort yourself.

Does ANYONE on this board NOT have an idea how to find this answer? Anyone? Open a separate browser window, Google two words, and read. We’ve got the web’s most awesome brains plugged into this site (I wouldn’t dream claiming I’m one of them) and their time is better spent answering more worthwhile topics.

Thank you, carry on.

I have never understood why people get their panties all wadded up over this.

I can’t tell you how many interesting questions have been answered here that I wouldn’t have thought to ask.

Sure, the person could have googled the answer. But this is partly a social board. Asking here allows people to comment beyond just an answer. It also means that others who - as I mentioned - wouldn’t have thought to ask the question, get to see the question and the answers.

If it is a bother, *why *bother? Seriously, life is too short to be angry all the time, especially about little things. If you don’t want to answer, no one will even notice you didn’t.

What’s a “google” ?

What he said. Sure i could look up the answer quickly enough myself, but I enjoy seeing questions I would have never thought to ask. Hey, what is nougat anyways? I never would have thought about that. Not particularly interesting, but it’s definately not destroying the board.

It’s a really big number. I’m not sure how it helps answer questions though.

Fuckin’ A. I learned something new today.

10 to the 100th power. A googleplex is 10 to the google’th power. (Yes, I know you were almost certainly being facetious :smiley: ).
And yes, you can look that up too, but I do grant that disentangling the math google from the corporate google is a little messy :wink:

By the way what the heck IS nougat, anyway? What’s it made out of?

It’s “googol”, people. Google is a website. Googol is a number.

Sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to function right and you can’t figure out how to Google the question you want answered.
If I had remembered the term ‘holographic will,’ I wouldn’t have asked my question in General Questions.

I thought it was a Russian author.

And MostlyClueless, you were being a dick in that thread. It may have been an easily researched question–although since there’s more than one kind of confection called nougat, it’s not as simple as all that–but it wasn’t a “stupid” question.

This sort of thing happens all the time on email lists I’m on. It’s not that I mind answering questions. I mind seeing the same freakin’ question 50 zillion times, and frequently the answer has been given about 2 emails earlier in a thread. Stupid people don’t even READ their email lists, just expect info to be handed to them on a platter.

It really does piss me off. I suspect I’ve probably just been on too many email lists for too long.

I think this is a different situation altogether. I don’t recall this being the 50th time someone asked what nougat was.

I got this joke. I am so urbane.

The correct question is, “Who’s a google?”.

Barney Google. BTW, he has googley eyes.

I got this joke. I am so unhip.

You think that’s bad? I got this joke and can sing the song.

Shoot me.

I thought this thread was going to be about people who pester you constantly to help them do stuff at school or at work instead of thinking for a second about it themselves, or maybe trying a few things before screeching your name to come spoon feed them. I think I have the word “TEACHER” tattooed on my forehead in ink that only whiny lazy-asses can see. And no, I don’t just help them endlessly; I’ll help once or twice, because we all need a hand once or twice in school or at work, and after that, I tell them to piss off (politely).

I guess people like the OP of the pitted thread are like that. I personally prefer to find things myself because I learn more that way, but some people think learning about things always means asking somebody else. I don’t like those people much.

Are you off your nut, canary? You’re the cat’s pajamas!

No, that’s Gogol.

Finding him was like a game show: Googling for Gogol!