Just returned from the Gay Softball World Series!

…as a spectator, people. I’m straight. :rolleyes:

But mom, dad and I were there to cheer on my little brother. We had a great time.

Best moment - his team suffered a nasty, nasty breakdown in one particular inning in the field against a cross-city rival, who ran the score up to 13-2 (brother’s team behind, one more turn at bat before the 10-run rout rule kicks in and they lose by default.)

Little brother gets up to the plate, (runners on first and third) and as if to say, “We’ll see about that!” smacks one clear out of the park. Starts the rally, his team comes from way behind and wins.

Great fun. Just a little bit awkward for all - family meeting some of his (previously) secret social group and all - but it’s just so nice to see him happy for a change. If you grew up with him, as I did - well, he wasn’t always that way. So I’m just…pleased. And emotional.


Awesome! I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but it sounds like a fun and enlightening time was had by all. And your brother must have been stoked to help his team come from behind and win in the end!


Of course when the discussion turns to gay softball thisimmediately springs to mind. Was it anything like that?

Are there different rules in gay softball? :slight_smile:

Congrats on your brother’s win! Here in Cleveland, we’re looking forward to the 2014 Gay Games, which we’ll be hosting.

I was living in Chicago when they hosted the games, and it brought a fun energy to the entire city.

LOL, no.

I first attended the event last year, when it was in Chicagoland. I honestly had no idea what to expect at the time.

From my brother, I learn there are 4 skill divisions - A,B,C,D. A is the highest, my brother plays in the B division. I saw an A division game or two - these guys are pros (or at least look like it.) All of them huge and ripped, playing very hard and very competitively. Skill level is very high.

Most of the games I saw were in the B division (e.g., brother’s team.) My brother is a really athletic guy (puts me to shame, but I was always the smart one ;)) Most of these guys are very good amateur players, most in very good shape. I saw a few diving catches that made me say “dayyyy-um!”

The spectators were probably 15% family, 85% friends (mostly gay.) There were a few charmingly flamboyant guys in the crowd, but nothing out of control. My mother did get a bit offended by seeing a gay couple or two kiss, but it wasn’t anything like a gross PDA make-out or anything. And the players all seemed to follow an unwritten code of no sexual PDA on the field .

I think the neatest thing about the whole tournament - the incredible solidarity and overall positive attitude. I remember playing in sports tournaments back in high school - there were always rivalries, and always someone screaming at the ref/ump. NOTHING like this here - everyone played hard, and to win, but after the game it was all friendly and congratulatory. Lots of friendly hugs and backslaps. I didn’t see a single negative or angry outburst. Just a really great and close-knit community.

I really am just so happy my brother found his niche - he played varsity baseball in HS, came out a few years ago. This really is the perfect place for him.


Awesome. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, and a good bonding experience for the family :slight_smile:

So, um, is your brother a pitcher or a catcher?

No idea :wink:

I suspect he’s just as uninterested in my sexual activities as I am in his.