Just updated my subscription, then found warning email from 8 hours earlier

This morning it occurred to me that it had been a while since I checked my SDMB subscription, so I did, and it was about to expire. So, I bought another 2 year subscription.

Hours later, I happened to look at my email and saw an subscription expiration notice from SDMB. They sent it to me about 8 hours before I resubscribed.

This is definitely mundane. And it is pointless to post about. And yet, I must share. I just know that anybody looking at member subscription statistics would assume that, after no official communication for a couple years, if they send me a reminder at 1:00 AM and I resubscribe at 9:00 AM, the one caused the other. No, no, I’d say, it was actually a meaningless coincidence. It would be very important to me to explain that, while in most cases that conclusion would be valid, in this case it wouldn’t. Which doesn’t matter at all.

Not sure how the board naming system knew I would have something mundane and pointless that I had to share, but, there it is.

When this happened to me, I didn’t see the e-mail until after my subscription had expired, and that is why I am no longer a charter member.