Not amused

In the past I have always received a personal and heartfelt email imploring me to renew my subscription to SD. This year I received nothing. Why is that? Should I feel insulted?

Did you change your e-mail address?

If not, then yeah, I’d feel insulted.

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Of course not. We didn’t send out an e-mail this year; we just posted an announcement. However, an e-mail wouldn’t hurt, so we’ll do that now.

Strange. I received an email earlier this week.

Might be in your spam folder; some ISPs think we’re spamming you.

A reminder email will be going out shortly on top of what you may or may not have already received. It will be going out to everyone so if you have already resubscribed you can disregard and thank you very much.

We value all our members and hope you resubscribe.

So for something that expires on May 20th, you send out reminder emails…on May 20th? Anyone else see the problem with this? I noticed the announcement when it first went up, and I actually re-upped a few weeks ago*, which may be why I haven’t received an email, but I predict a whole bunch of complaint threads in the next day or two as people check their email and subsequently lose their Charter Memberships.

It seems we see this every year. It’s a little odd that we just don’t learn.

*my birthday is in early May…it’s convenient to renew as a birthday gift to myself!

Strange. I got an email telling me that Charter Memberships were up for renewal…and I’m not a Charter Member. Are these going out to everybody? I just have a regular membership and just reupped it in February, so it would still have been too early to get any kind of reminder.

I got the same thing. I think the other thread about this indicated that they were sent to everyone, whether they needed to reup or not. Since they were crunched for time, I can understand.

You guys really need to have a cron job or similar handle it automatically. And have a test account to make sure it works.

So we have back-to-back threads. One from people asking why they got a renewal email they didn’t want. And one from people asking why they didn’t get a renewal email like they wanted.

Tuba, I don’t know how much they pay you to administer this board but it ain’t enough.

I got a reminder two days after I renewed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured it was just a blanket mailing to everyone.