Just watched the INXS miniseries. SAD

Not sure if anyone knew the INXS miniseries about the band debuted in Australia a year ago. I got around to watching it and dang the ending so sad even if I knew already what went down. Huge fan of the band over the years. When Michael died in 1997 I was stunned and had no idea he had broken up with Helena Christensen to be with Bob Geldoff’s wife and that it was all the rage/gossip in U.K. (I bet most Americans didn’t care about the band/Michael at that point). I got their last album from 1992 and then I lost track of their whereabouts afterwards.

If anyone catches it, the actor who plays Michael kinda looks like him, but the actress playing Kylie Minogue? DANG she looks like her! THe actress playing Helena did not look like her. I also caught the infamous interview of Michael and Paula Yates on youtube (never seen it before) and while Helena insisted the two already broke up then they got together, the interview told otherwise. I saw the gossip mills painting her as skanky/yucky but the miniseries did try to boost her image (like the sympathetic scene of them looking at gossip papers and being dismayed at how poorly the children were treated by the papparazi)

Incidentally I did not know Bob Geldoff adopted Michael and Paula’s daughter when both parents died (Paula in 2000) and that Peaches Geldoff died last summer of an overdose at 25. HUGE fan of Helena when she was in her heyday and thought she looked great with Michael. Imagine to my shock fast forwarding years later watching Walking Dead and looking up Norman Reedus’ bio and that he was with her after Michael’s death and that they have a son.

Yes, and Hutchence’s daughter recently turned 18 and received basically no inherence from Michael. Apparently he didn’t have as much to give as he thought. Poor girl has suffered a lot of loss.

I’m a big fan so I thank you for sharing this info. I did know all those details (have seen a few other documentaries about INXS) but didn’t know a dramatization was made.

I imagine it is indeed sad; occasionally I’ll catch a rerun of one of the aforementioned shows and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

After looking it up, I see the actor who played Hutchens is currently in the TV series Black Sails as Long John Silver.
I need to check this out. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Where can this series be found? What is it called?

Wow, i watch Black Sails and now that i think about it that actor totally looks like Hutchence.

It’s called Never Tear Us Apart.

Samantha Jade’s resemblance to Kylie was noted on by quite a lot of people before she was cast. She was an Aussie X-Factor winner, so is also an accomplished singer in her own right.

I suppose Justified fans were surprised to find that Dewey Crowe managed them.

I managed a band playing around at the same time INXS started out. They played with, the then unknown, INXS at the Manly Vale Hotel. The guys looked at the big hand painted banner and asked what “INKS” meant. I just laughed at them. So I was really pleased with the scene where their new name was revealed to the band.

Just revisiting this thread…Helena in real life insisted that she and Michael already broke up when Paula got her hooks in him. The film/and that breakfast show clip told otherwise. I think deep down Helena said that since she stole Michael from Kylie. And that Kylie doesn’t have hard words about Michael (before and after his death) cuz Michael stole her from her first steady boyfriend (from her Aussie soap opera). I’m chuckling that Australia and the British press had a field day on this back in the day.

I have a “Greatest Hits” CD with all of my favorite songs. Never Tear Us Apart is on the CD. I really liked the band, and I was upset when Michael died.

I watched this when it was on over here. I’m not a huge INXS fan but found it a well-made show and worth watching. I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in the band, or anyone who likes shows about bands in general actually.