Rockstar: Supernova

I haven’t seen any threads about this yet, so I figured I’d jump on in and hope that I’m not the only person in the free world who’s addicted to this not-quite-as-good-as-last-year’s reality show.

Does anybody have any top picks?

My money is on Lucas.

And does anyone else have the same weird compulsion that I do to punch Phil right in the throat everytime he’s on your television? I swear I almost launched my remote at the tv last night. There’s just something about him that makes you want to hit him as hard as you can.

Memo to Zayra: Letting the band members know that you don’t own any of their albums is not the way to get on their good side.

Second memo to Zayra: Implying that the band members are a bunch of old fuckers isn’t, either.

She and Dana ought to be the next two that go. There are other vocalists who are weaker, but these two are the ones most ardently giving off the “I am NOT right for this band!” vibe.

We had a thread going for last week’s show but there hasn’t been one yet for this one. I’ve been watching what they put online, I miss the feedback from the band members but the performances didn’t wow me so far. I’m only 2/3 of the way through so far, I’m about to watch the last five.

Last night was the first time I’ve ever watched this show. Did the INXS contestants suck as bad as these ones?

I thought the last guy who sang last night (an Australian guy named Toby) had the best voice, stayed in key for the whole song and wasn’t as incredibly affected as so many of the others were.

The woman who kept sticking her tongue out was frigging disgusting.

The Courtney Love impersonator was probably the worst performer.

Is Tommy Lee the Paula on this show? He never says anything bad about anyone and tries to flirt with all the women.

The only one who seems to be taking these performances seriously as auditions is Jason Newsted. He had the only useful critiques.

Dana is an incredible singer, but her voice is much more suited for something like Nashville Star. She can’t get that twang out of her voice, and hasn’t figured out the rock “growl” for lack of a better term.

Josh is like a refugee from some forgotten and unknown boy band. He’s even got the b-boy hand posturing.

I had to laugh at Jill trying to pretend she hadn’t slavishly copied Courtney Love for Violet.

Phil is probably the whiniest sounding singer in the history of the world. It’s all right to enunciate now and again.

They could probably cut this down to Dilana, Toby and Lukas (as much as I can’t stand the guy and thought he was all wrong for the song he picked, he’s got a good rock voice) right now.

Hey, thanks for starting this. I thought about it, but I already started a Big Brother thread and wasn’t up to doing both. I’m lazy. Oh, and I missed the first 25 minutes or so because my husband wanted to go for a walk. Basically I missed Dilana and everything before her. I’m saddest about missing Dilana and Jill. No one blew me away particularly in the last half. Phil was really bad. Storm and the girl who did Heart Shaped Box were pretty good. Most of the guys were just meh.

One more thing I forgot to say…

That house band KICKS ASS. They make a lot of these ham and eggers sound way better than they have any right to.

What happened to the reality episode that usually precedes the performance episode? I find it interesting to see why they pick what songs.

It looks like the first lawsuit about the name has started. A lawyer filed against them for the use of “Supernova” based on common-law copyrights. :rolleyes:

I’ve been watching since the beginning and a light clicked on in my head for the first time last night. Patrice Pike is kinda famous. (Well, at least to me). She had a band called Sister 7 and I had bought the CD when it came out.

“Ring of Fire” was my favorite from last night. I love Dilana’s voice and style.

Dio, I’ll admit you never struck me as the rocker type so I’m surprised to find you in here.

I don’t think all of these guys suck, Zayra (among others) have yet to prove themselves but to say they all suck is pretty harsh. I mean, it is rock / metal, so ‘in tune’ is a fairly fluid concept.

Now I didn’t see what any band had to say about the performances but the only ones who have impressed me from both episodes were Lukas, Dilana, Storm, Jill and Toby. We’ll see how it progresses from here. As the contestants get widdled down we’ll see longer performances and stuff.

Give it up for the house band, I agree. I also think Toby is the real contender here, maybe Lukas but that guy just gives off a crazy vibe that I wouldn’t want to be on tour with. They seem to like Dilana but I wonder if her schtick is going to wear off and get old after a few shows. She will be around as one of the last ones though.

Too many of the rest give off an “impersonating a rock star” vibe, especially that 22 year old girl, I forget her name. She thinks because she wears leopard print she is a wild child :rolleyes:

I’ll have to go with Toby - he is a good performer and has the right image without being psycho.

The reality eps are posted on the website and you watch using Media Player.


Phil gives me that vibe too. He strikes me as the guy who was a wimp in high school and “reinvented” himself as a rocker to get laid. Yeah, that’s kind of harsh, but whatever.

Really? That’s funny. I spent the better part of the 90’s playing gutar and singing in hard rock bands. I had hair down to my ass and wanted to be James Hetfield. In my last band (before I chucked my dreams to finish college) we didn’t play anything softer than Pantera. Don’t let my erudition fool you. I’m a full on, old school headbanger. :cool:

Righteous and stuff… thanks!

I agree. I got the sense that some of these people really had no idea what kind of band they were trying out for and just wanted to be on TV. The girl who sang “Born to be Wild” was like, “I wore a leopard print and banged my head, what more do you want?” As if that’s all there is to the hard rock/metal genre.

I play[ed] drums, mostly pushing for any band I was in to do Rush.

Let’s put together the liberal Doper metal band. It’s all about the music, man.

As to the show - last night was also the first time I’ve seen it. I’ve got four words for you: born to be mild. I agree with most of what others have written here. I’d just add that the girl who did the Nirvana song also had the advantage of being hot. Hopefully we can see her cover some Liz Phair tunes.

Dear Zayra, we hate to break it to you but many people already know who Karen O is and listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and can tell that short of trimming your hair and wearing some fluorescent yellow, you are still doing a cheap impersonation of her.

But maybe one day you can have a lame bar cover band and make a few dollars with your karaoke version of Karen, because that’s not going to get a spot in a rock band of established, famous musicians.

Dear Everyone Else, we don’t know why some of you keep choosing pop songs and doing covers of 80s new wave music and current pop songs that mimic the 80s new wave style, when you are auditioning for a hard rock/metal group. When the judges say “song choice matters”, they are serious.

Rock Star: Supernova - Super Raj Ratings

As is tradition here on the boards, I think it’s time to bring out the Raj ratings and put them to work here.

In Orbit

Leaving Atmo

In Transit
Dilana - Last week’s encore was awesome and this week was alright, so you’re a head above the rest but not exactly safe from the chopping block.
Jill - Dynamo! You blew us all away. Though you missed the wedding, sorry about that.
Lukas - You rocked Billy Idol and you’re here to play the game, just be careful not to burn us out too quickly. Keep it fresh. This week was alright, but nothing to write home about.
Magni - Another two week decent show. You can sing and you have stage presence but nothing phenomenal yet, nothing Supernova yet.
Storm - You rock. I really enjoyed your song last week and this one was pretty good too. My completely biased favorite.
Toby - Perhaps the strongest of the male singers, this Aussie rocks the house.

Lift Off
Jenny - Decent both weeks, but nothing earth shattering in my opinion.
Patrice - With the gaggle of women who do well, you’re doing just fine but nothing to really blow us away.
Phil - After last week I would have bumped you up a category but I really didn’t enjoy this week’s performance.

Stuck on the Launch Pad
Chris - Two weeks of mild performances has left us less than impressed.
Dana - Rock Star: Southern Belle is next year, sorry for the confusion.
Josh - I missed your performance last week but this one was alright. Not exactly what I envision for Supernova though.
Ryan - You really messed up last week when you didn’t sing in studio and they caught you, and you’re digging yourself out of a hole. Last week was stronger than this week so you need to shape up.
Zayra - You vex me. You can sing, but yet I hate both of your performances, you have got to begin making good song choices.

Matt - You didn’t prove yourself, in the studio, or either time on stage.

I’m doing this pre-results show and will endeavor to keep that schedule every week. In theory. Hopefully. Unless it becomes too painful to watch.

Bad ass dude, just goes to show how little I pay attention :). If you guys start a band, I say go with the “Diogenes and the Cynics”!

The songs are not completely up to them. This week they put fifteen songs up, one for each contestant, and they had to pick what they wanted or negotiate for it, or get stuck with it. So you can’t blame the singers any further than they didn’t try hard enough to get it from someone else.

I think the songs provided by the show might be part of the rockiness for this season, if the show gave them better song choices then it might prove a much better season.