Rockstar: Supernova 9 Aug

Am I the first to post on this? If not, please ignore this…

With the whole Dilana not getting pushback for picking the Gilby song - and then kicking the song’s ass - it seemed sewn up. But damn if Lukas, Magni, Storm and maybe the Aussie guy (a bit) didn’t do some of their best work. Lukas especially killed on Creep - okay, his delivery didn’t have the emotional complexity of Thom Yorke, but his vocals were a revelation - he can open his throat! And say what you want about his cockiness, he oozes front-man - even the stupid-ass wink at the very end is the type of attitude required for the job…

I am still in the Dilana camp, but was suprised that the series wasn’t just done after her song - there is still a horserace going on…

Magni and Lukas were awesome (but I still can’t see Lukas fronting a band. He will only work as a solo artist for me…Creep was the perfect song for him, and I’m sure he picked it because he knows everyone thinks he’s kinda creepy). Dilana…I want her to win, but this was her weakest moment as far as I’m concerned. Not her fault, but jesus…the band dragged the beat and took all the life out of that number. Shame on them!

I love her energy, but she’s got to get out of Stevie Nicks mode and get into Dilana.

Everyone stepped it up. In two weeks it is going to be harder and harder to ditch people.
Right now there are still some obvious weak links but as it narrows it will be pretty exciting to see how it goes.

Yeah, the wife and I called the initial bottom three correctly during the break. They (the 3) were far and away the weakest ones up there tonight.

My prediction is that Patrice goes tonight. She just ain’t got the chops.

There were a lot of kick-ass performances last night but I swear if Zayra does not go home, I am done watching this show. Yeah she may be entertaining, but she definitely deserves the boot more than anyone else.

Her phrasing. Is. Driving me. Nuts-I-Tell-You. She needs. To. Listen to the. Playback tapes. Once in a. While.

I don’t have a tv so I have been following along on youtube. Who were the bottom three?

Patrice, Zayra, and Jill were the bottom three IIRC.

When Brooke announced that Toby was going to do “Burning Down the House” I cringed. That song just really isn’t that coverable because it’s soooooo signature Talking Heads. (I’m looking directly at Bonnie Raitt’s version.) Then, it started off and the guitar bursts and syncopation really changed my mind. I was wowed. Zayra handed him the megaphone and what was an exciting moment turned quickly into crap. If I could edit out that part, it would have been my favorite song of the night.

Zayra has spunk and a kickin’ body (that gold outfit left nothing to the imagination). I don’t mind that she has stayed around but don’t take her candidacy even remotely seriously - does anyone?

Looked to me like she raided Ziggy’s closet.

What really bugged me about the songs this week is that at least 2 of them are more spoken than sung. “All the Young Dudes” has more going on in the backing than in the lead vocal and “Burning Down the House” isn’t really sung, either.

One more thing: Go, Dilana!!!

I’ll take Zarya over Patrice any day. At least Zarya has a unique vision, and she comes across to me as authentic. Authentically crappy, maybe, but at least authentic.

Patrice, on the other hand, always twitches my ‘poser’ sense. I never believe that what she’s doing is from the heart. Everything she does seems calculated. And at this stage of the competition, a whole bunch of people have shown that they’ve just got way better chops than she does.

There are three rockers right now that we absolutely know will never front this band - Jill, Zarya, and Patrice. Of the three, I’d dump Patrice, simply because she’s the most boring and predictable. All three should be gone over the next three weeks, as long as one of them falls into the bottom three each week (and that seems likely).

Josh is probably the other guy who can’t possibly front this band, but that’s kinda too bad, because I think he’s a great talent, and I respect that he’s refusing to change his style for the band. His attitude is, “This is who I am. If that’s what you want, then let’s make some music. If not, I’ll be on my way, and no hard feelings.” I think he’s got a great solo career ahead of him, so long as he can get interesting songs to sing. Nonetheless, I expect him gone in the next four shows.

The rest of them have all stood out from the pack and one time or another, and I think any one of them could actually front Supernova. Based on pure stage presence, you have to go with Dilana as being the best of the bunch. However… If you watch the reality episodes, one thing that became clear this week is that Dilana cannot write songs. Her lyrics are simply godawful - easily the worst of the entire bunch, including Zarya. They were about as bad as what you’d expect a kid in grade 7 to write. So Dilana brings absolutely nothing to the table in that department. As far as I know, she also doesn’t play an instrument (at least, I haven’t seen her play one yet). And admitting she’d never heard the Who before? I don’t know… She’s gone down a couple of pegs for me in the last couple of weeks. And her voice is very one-note - I’m not sure if people will want to listen to that raspy voice for an entire concert or album.

Lukas, I don’t know. Part of the equation here is that he has to get along with the band. I suspect Gilby at least is fed up with obnoxious singers, and Lukas is about as obnoxious as they get. So that’s a strike against him. But he did a good job on the songwriting challenge, and his performance was certainly electric. He’s still hanging in there.

Ryan has been really impressive the last couple of weeks, but I get the feeling that he’s straining hard to be something that’s just not quite what he’s about. I think he’s more in the ‘sensitive yet angry singer/songwriter’ camp. Like Josh, he’ll have a good solo career, but I’m having a hard time seeing him front the band. Still, he’s full of surprises. He may pull this out yet.

Toby showed bad judgement by pulling that megaphone shtick. Not only did it suck all the energy out of what had been up to that point a kick-ass cover, but it just looked tired and gimmicky. I think he lost some points with the boys for that. I think he’s the weakest of the people who are still contenders, and a bad performance could send him home.

Magni is my pick for main competition to Dilana. Not only is he an awesome talent (that song he did last night absolutely killed), but he’s an established professional with six albums behind him and a big following in Iceland. And, he seems to be a very nice, very grounded person, which shouldn’t be underestimated. These guys will have to work together and travel together for at least a couple of years, and Magni would fit in with the band better than anyone else.

Then there’s Storm. She’s absolutely terrific. But if the band does pick a female lead, it’s hard to see how they pick Storm over Dilana. But she actually may be the most talented of the bunch - you just don’t get to see it on this show. She’s got real songwriting talent, great stage presence, and a great voice. If she can turn in another spellbinding performance, she could put herself in the running with Dilana.

The performances last night were awesome, for the most part. Magni did the best job, with Lukas, Storm, and Ryan also being excellent. Toby would have been except for the stupid megaphone. I have to admit I didn’t really like Dilana’s version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” very much. And did anyone notice she jumped in early at one point and caught herself by yelling and then repeating the line at the right moment? The song had its moments, but overall I’d just give it a passing grade.

The thing that bugs me about Josh is that no matter what he sings, he smiles! It isn’t much, but when someone is singing Nirvana or something a little dark and moody, a smile looks just wrong.

Paint it black started poorly in my oppinion but picked up after the cheesy reveal. Too bad he dropped so many of the lyrics. I missed my favorite part of “see the sun Blotted out form the sky”

I’m begining to root for Lukas. I thought when he hit the falsetto he was about to blow it but he actually began to realy ramp it up (dude!) and made for an interesting exciting performance.

Dilana dropped the ball on Won’t get fooled again. That song should have had more enrgy and power… it just didn’t, and part of it was her voice which up till now never bothered me.

The thing I like about this show is the level of talent. I never got into American Idol, because it always seemed so scripted, so… over-rehearsed. The singers have professional producers arranging their songs and telling them how to sing. And the performances generally show it. Very polished, very boring. Very much MOR crap, with the occasional exception.

But this show is different. The rockers arrange their own music. They get an hour to practice with the band, and that’s it. They’re much more free to take chances and try to knock it out of the park. But mostly, the ones who are left are really, really good musicians. They’re not a bunch of wannabe’s. At least Magni, Josh, Lukas, and Ryan can play instruments very well. Almost all of them have actually fronted bands, and made a name for themselves in their local regions as being something special.

In the beginning, I thought this show would be all about wanna-be posers playing rock star to front a commercially-contrived band of has-beens. I was really cynical about it. But I’ve changed my mind completely. I think Supernova might actually work as a real band. At least Gilby Clarke and Jason Newstead strike me as serious guys wanting to make real music. Tommy Lee is Tommy Lee. Decent drummer, great stage personality, but kind of an obnoxious leering flake. But still… I like the band, and I like the style of music they’re trying to make (more of a classic rock meets grunge thing, rather than heavy metal).

But mostly, I like the performers. A couple of nights ago I got curious about them, thinking “how come they can perform like this but aren’t already stars?” So I looked a few of them up on youtube, and was amazed at some of the performances I found.

Check out Storm doing “Great Day” - YouTube Video

And here’s Ryan Star singing “Head Like a Hole” - YouTube Video

Oh, so that’s what that was. I didn’t realize she was early. I think it might have been smarter to just do the whole line early than not actually to sing the whole title line of the song the first time it came up. Oy.

I quite liked Storm, Toby, Josh, & Magni. Lukas actually sang properly for the first time; his arrogant swagger didn’t quite fit the song, but if that’s the only thing he did wrong, big step up. Dilana & Patrice was okay. Ryan was over the top, & that was a very free interpretation of the Stones’ best song. Jill was pitchy-ish.

As for Zayra, I’m about ready to give up on my TV. When I watch her on my TV, I think, “Ooh, wrong key.” I thought last night was a disaster. Then I watch the same performance online, & she sounds fine. It’s driving me quite mad.

I mean, Dilana was okay, & Patrice was okay. Dilana got the higher energy song, & the pimp spot, but both were really just, well, you know, professional, solid, another decent performance, vocally. Actually, I could say the same of Magni, too. The moment was cool, but the song was far from perfect.

On the other hand, Toby’d been alienating me a little over the weeks (both in the behind-the-scenes stuff & onstage), but I liked his “Burning Down the House” a lot. Z’s little strut in with the megaphone was cool.

Really? I’m first again? Hmmm - not a lotta love for this show this season? It’s the only reality show I have ever considered watching, because there is an element of, well, reality to it - the singers have to transcend the goofy contest trappings of the format and show they can establish chemistry with the two bands (house band and prize band) in a way that is not nearly as manufactured as, say, American Idol…

Anyway, onto the second ep this week. No surprises, other than Patrice got to stay. Frankly, they should’ve fired 3. Jill has pipes, but came across as a suburban teeny (literally!) bopper with her moves. The guy was great, but not a good fit for the band. I also think they should cut to the chase and lose Paint it Black / Awkward Moves Guy (Ryan?) and Zayra, bizarre hottie though she is - but they have a show to follow through on…

All three of the Bottom 3 blew in their performances. Just awful awful. I wished all three would be let go. This was their big chance and they blew it.

Josh and his using a guitare when told not to… Jill was just awful, the vocals, the arrangment the performance… awful awful.

You’d think someone would have tried to work even harder, or did they each think they were safe because the others were lowing just as badly?

Ryan made me laugh when he tried to pull up an audience member only to have her pull away making the fake move look even worse. His leaden performance stank. I guess because of last week he was given another chance.

Re: “Enjoy the Silence”

Oh, tv, why must you destroy all that I love? Man, that hurt. And after he said the lyrics were so important, you’d think he wouldn’t completely screw up the verses and say all the lines out of order.

He’s still a decent contender, though. Just stay away from my Depeche Mode.

They’re going to run into a credibility problem if they don’t boot Zarya and/or Patrice next week. Those two stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, both of them have big internet followings for some reason, so it’s possible they won’t land in the bottom 3 again unless they really suck.

I disagree about Ryan. Yeah, he looks like a geek when he runs around on stage, but he’s got immense talent. What he needs to do is figure out how to move, or come up with a different way to move. He does this in his solo act - he’s either behind a piano or behind a guitar, so the awkwardness never shows. So he just needs to figure out how to command a stage without running around like a monkey, and he’ll be fine. And since that’s something that can be quite easily taught, he’s still a contender, albeit with an outside chance. That’s why they kept him around. Plus, they liked the fact that he took a real chance on ‘Paint it Black’, when so many others just stay in their comfort zone.

I’m sorry to see Josh go, because I really like his style. Unfortunately, it’s just not Supernova’s style. But he’s unique enought that I think he’s got a real shot at a good solo career.

I could never stand Jill. Sure, she can sing well, in terms of hitting the right notes and having great range. But there’s a zillion singers like that. What she doesn’t have is the ability to deliver a song emotionally. Storm can say more looking into the camera for 5 seconds than Jill can in 2 minutes of hystrionic screaming, because Storm knows how to strip a song down to its emotional content and deliver it with body language and vocal dynamics. And that’s a much harder talent to find. If you saw Storm sing ‘changes’, she just exuded the sort of sad wistfulness her arrangement called for. It was a great performance. Jill was all about dressing up, shrieking, kicking her legs in the air, shaking her head, and in general doing the generic wanna-be rocker chick. She’ll be fine as a backup singer for some band, but she’s boring to watch.

Anyway, from here on in the eliminations are going to get very interesting, because outside of Zarya, all of the people left have serious talent. My money is still on the Top 4 being Dilana, Magni, Storm, and Lukas.

Yep that pretty well looks like what it should be unless of course teh internet votes screws it all up. Imagine if, out of some petty voting thing thing by people with too much time and money on their hands, The bottom three next week were Lukas Dilana and Mangi… Who would the band boot?? EEEECH!!!