Rock Star: Supernova 7/25-7/26

Peeps, what’s up? No-one wants to dish?

I still don’t know who half of the contestants are… but I know who Stormy is now! Apparently she’s done a bit of “tasteful” nude modeling… you can see it here (and yes, it certainly is NSFW):

You have to cut and paste to view… hopefully that’s okay within the rules.

Finally Super No-Go plays some tracks! They sound very glam, like they’re from 1973 doing Marc Bolan and Mick Ronson stuff. I was surprised about how much I liked their sound. It really suits what Phil was doing, if he was actually singing instead of trying to challenge Brett Anderson from Suede.

Anyway… I enjoyed Dana, Magni, and Toby. I was knocked for a loop when Gilby dressed down Jill for sexing it up… how cool was that? How is he in a band with Tommy Lee?

I really hate Lukas. What the fuck is he? Dilani is not my cup of tea but she seems genuine… I just don’t like how she is 100 percent rough, I’d like to hear something a little sweeter… but that seems to be all she can do. Zayra, please get off my TV now. What is your point? Every week you remain on the show, the more credibility (not that there was much to dole out, anyway) Super No-Go lose.

Maybe they can put a call in to Scott Weiland. He’s the guy they’re looking for, I think.

Oh shit, that link is active… don’t click, it’s NSFW. Can a mod just make it text and not a hyperlink?

Yeah, when I heard the snippets of what Supernova wants to play, it made me think they were trying to bring back T.Rex. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it explains the lack of metal on the show so far.

It’s amusing to me that Zayra, the space hooker, got a song that was entirely within her wheelhouse but still botched it.
I thought Dana’s choice was really risky. They’ve been criticizing her for being bland and then she goes and does an acoustic number? That said, she did well, it’s just not something she should have done in her shaky position.
Jill looked incredibly like Pamela Anderson, which I have to think didn’t go unnoticed by Tommy Lee (who looks skeezier by the week).
Josh deserves to lose his license to rock for that weak-ass attempt at No Rain. Shannon Hoon’s corpse is gonna come back and kick your ass for that one, dude.
I keep forgetting Magni is on this show. He sings well every week but his performances never really jump out at you.
I remain unconvinced that Lukas can actually, well, sing, as oppossed to growl.
It’s probably for Toby’s best interest that he didn’t take I, Alone, since then it would have been far too obvious that he sounds exactly like Ed Kowalcyk from Live when he sings.

So far, the real ‘star’ of the show is, in my opinion, Dilana. Holy cow, but she’s got stage presence. And a great rock voice.

Most of the rockers look unnatural, like they’ve been practicing their moves in front of a mirror. Stop bending down and grabbing the hands of the fans, dudes. It’s getting old. How about actually studying the lyrics of the song, and trying to put some of the emotion behind it? Grinning and slapping high-fives with the crowd when you’re singing about angst or fear just doesn’t do it. There’s a few that stand out - Magni, Dilana, Storm, Lukas. Those four have to be the front-runners right now. And surprisingly, Dana has clawed her way back into it. She’s got a fantastic voice, and now she’s actually putting some feeling into it.

But when you ask the question, “Can I imagine that person actually fronting this band?” I think there’s only three or four right now that are even plausible. Maybe the others will get better.

If you haven’t checked out the rockstar wseb site you should. Jason wrote an excellent piece on the Supernova section about how awesome it would have been to have been able to soak up wisdom and advice from the stars of his era when he was up and coming. He explains that they are there not only to find a lead singer but also to give constructive criticism based on their years of experience.

That being said, Patrice was awfully defensive tonight and Dave really put her in her place. Also, Lukas gets all huffy when Jason mentions the strain he’s putting on his voice.

I happen to totally agree with Jason on that point. I really noticed the tightness in his vocals tonite and wish he would listen to the voice coach about opening it up because he really has the confidence and stage presence to hold an audience IMO if he would only get his vocal performance under control.

Does Ryan remind anyone of JD from last season? He has that same pouty expression.

I too think that Jill resembles Pamela Sue. Wonder if Tommy Lee thinks so? TL really doesn’t offer any helpful criticism that I have seen. Just “Rock On” and sexual comments for the ladies. The other three though have hit the nail pretty much every time.

I think Josh’s license to rock was a fake one anyway.

Dilana is still above and beyond my favorite. I also liked Storm, Toby, Dana, Magni, and Ryan. There were lots of solid performances really. Lukas was okay, but I agree about his voice. He’s definitely got the performance/stage presence thing down though. I thought the weakest were Zayra, Josh, and Phil. I’m with Jason on Phil. I can’t stand to watch the guy when he’s singing with all his wiggling and head bobbling. I was glad Gilby called Jill on her moves when he was on stage with her. I kept wondering why she was humping his leg. I think Zayra’s gone this week.

In my opinion, there’s Dilana and there’s everybody else. She’s the only one who already looks and feels like a rock star when she performs. She’s the only one who really owns the stage every time she goes up there. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t win.

I was another one who was gratified to see Gilby calling the girls on their stripper moves (something Dilana doesn’t do). Gilby and Jason both seem like pretty level-headed, nice guys for rock stars and both routinely give useful, thoughtful advice. It’s too bad they’re saddled with that skeezeball parody of a rock drummer all the time. Can Tommy lee ever say anything except “bring it” or “Are you wearing panties?”

+1 along with the other posters who mention Magni and Storm. Dana did better but that just makes her okay, not a primary choice. Dilana has it down. Magni has a great voice, but watching him sing Heroes behind a guitar made no sense - it was so great to hear that be the first bit of advice from the band. What was he thinking?

The advice from the band is pretty spot on - good to hear that they aren’t just soft-balling the coaching.

I am surprised - it seems like the contestants (I hate how BB calls them “rockers” - how cheeseball) haven’t been doing their homework watching Axl, Weiland or even (ugh) Vince Neil to get a sense of the attitude and moves required…

PS: How much does it suck for Navarro to have “CE” tattooed in the middle of his chest now that they have split…

There must be a corollary to Murphy’s law about tattooing an SO’s name onto your body.

I agree with everyone who said Dana did better last night, but she’s already been exposed as the poseur that she is by saying things like, “But I pumped my fist and banged my head. What more do they want?” :rolleyes: So pretty much anything she does from now on is just more posturing as far as I’m concerned.

My mother is staying with us for a few days to fill in for our babysitter. Luckily, we watch the same shows (Rockstar, Last Comic, Big Brother, Project Runway, etc.) so I was happy to hear her say that Zayra reminds her too much of Celine Dion (which is what I said in last week’s thread). Like mother, like daughter. :smiley:

I don’t understand why Jill was in the early bottom 3. Grinding aside, she’s got a stellar voice, so I’m not sure why Dana or Patrice or bland guys like Ryan or the “No Rain” guy. See? He’s so forgettable that I’ve forgotten his name.

Completely agree. I was chatting with a friend while we were watching it last night. I equated Dana’s performance to a pomeranian’s growl. It really lacks any legitimate bite behind it.

Dilana has this hands down.

The clinic on the reality show was revealing in showing that Lukas is a primadonna and the house of cards which is his voice is gonna fall soon.
Toby seems to be coasting by on looks as he’s a pair of khakis away from being as exciting as Dave Matthews.

Zayra, oh dear. Reminded me of Electra-woman and Dyna Girl. She needs to spit out the watermelon Jolly Rancher too.

Magni is like a really, really good steak, the best cut of beef you could ever want. But then served with only a glass of water. I don’t know of a better way to describe that he’s awesome but completely lacking.

Storm and Ryan are both trying soooo hard to RAWK that it’s grating. The stage jump off of the drum stand was pre-planned (but sadly I knew that Supernova would think the shenanigans were passable). (That was Ryan, right?)

I had to miss it last night - what happened? Who got kicked off?

It was Phil. The bottom three were Patrice, Zayra, and Phil. Patrice’s performance was really good, and Phil wasn’t bad either. Definitely the best I’ve seen from him. After basically telling Zayra she wasn’t right for the band, they sent Phil home because they questioned his commitment. They thought he wanted to win the contest more than he wanted to be in the band or something like that. I kind of felt bad for the guy, but I can’t say that I’ll miss him. I’m getting the feeling they’re keeping Zayra around for ratings at this point. It doesn’t pay to get rid of the crazy girl, I suppose.

But I don’t want to have to listen to her sing twice a week. Thank God for the mute button.

She sucked so hard last night. With her accent, she can enunciate at all and there weren’t many notes that she hit (unless she was beating them senseless, that is). I couldn’t believe the guys liked that performance! I hope they watch it back on tape like the Idol judges do. Oh, who am I kidding. They don’t seem to care, if they keep saving her.

It was certainly a strange choice. Everyone knows Zayra is not going to be in this band. Not a chance in hell. It seems to me that if you know that, your responsibility is to send her packing.

Phil, on the other hand, has put in a couple of decent performances in line with what the band is looking for. He’s probably not going to front them either, but at least he’s close to representing the kind of singer they’re looking for, and he would still have had an outside shot had he turned in a few miraculous appearances.

My guess as to the strange pick was that Phil did or said something off camera that really pissed off the Supernova boys. They’ve actually been trying to spend time around these singers to get to know them as people so they can see if they are compatible with the band. My guess is that Phil did something stupid like say the show is just a rock version of American Idol, or diss the Supernova songs, or something else that made the band go, “there’s no way in hell we’re hanging with this guy”.

Hmm … I wonder if you’re right and Phil did say something stupid off-camera, because what you said is spot-on. Phil is at least sort of in the right direction of what they’re looking for, and with some more work, who knows? Phil also seemed more receptive to their constructive criticism as opposed to Zayra, who has that, “You don’t like me? I don’t care!” attitude toward them (which is fine for a rock star in general, but not when you’re auditioning). Phil seemed to take what they said to heart and really try to work on his performance skills. Though so did Chris and they sent him packing over Zayra too.

The band made the point more than once about thinking he wanted to win the show more than he wanted to be in the band. That makes me wonder if word has gotten back to them that he’s been talking about using the show as a vehicle for publicity and for his own career without really showing a sincere or committed interest in fronting their band. If they feel they’re being exploited for publicity by a guy who doesn’t really care about being part of their band, I can see why they’d want to get rid of him first (and stop giving him any more publicity) and keep somebody who at least wants to be in their band even if her chances of making it are all but non-existent.

Truth be told, in these kinds of talent shows, there are always only about 3 or 4 real contenders anyway and the rest are just bodies to fill out a season. I think if the band was auditioning singers the way established bands in the industry (or in this case, established musicians) really audition singers, I think about 5 of these people might have gotten through the door and maybe two of them would have made it to a second audition. Only one of them really has the obvious combination of vocal chops, rock sensibility and stage presence (which seems to be pretty important to these guys) to immediately fill the spot without further “work” or coaching. That’s Dilana, and Supernova know it’s Dilana and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already made the decision about her privately and are now just playing out the season academically.

I think Phil’s leaving is probably some combination of his coming off as not genuinely interested in fronting the band, Zayra’s nuttiness and ass in blue spandex, and the likely prospect that Tommy Lee is shagging her rotten.

Delana is great but Toby has this hands down–I only wish there was a Tradesports contract.

Lukas is a prick. He might have gotten away with singing like that as an amateur, but a world tour is another story altogether.

Ok here’s the truth about Phil Ritchie’s departure:

There’s a post on another board from someone who was at the taping. He said that at one point Dave Navarro asked Phil if he got newspapers at the mansion to which he replied “no.” Dave says “Well, we do.” He proceeds to pull out a paper with an interview with Phil saying how he is really on the show to promote his own band and really doesn’t like Supernova’s music.

Well, that would definitely explain it then, wouldn’t it? Was it a reputable paper or some trashy tabloid, though?