Just when I thought CNN had hit rock bottom, they grab a shovel and start digging

Note paragraph 6.

Words escape me.

William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger as EXPERTS???

At least CBS had the good sense to say, “Thanks, but no.”

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If the media helped catch the guys, I’m glad for it, but I just find it hard to believe that we needed non-stop, 24/7 coverage of this one event, to the exclusion of everything else. That’s what gets me the most about CNN these days - that they find whatever the current hot story is and cover all the minutae of that story and nothing else.

But then again, something that really isn’t news is that CNN really sucks as a news source.

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Anway, paragraph 6 is:

I don’t watch CNN for the news, I just tune in to look at all the hottie news casters.

My favorite CNN moment from the sniper story occurred when they were covering the arrests. The talking head said, and I quote, “police then came down I-70, presumably at a high rate of speed…”

So, not only did they report on the least important detail of the capture you could imagine, but they made it up, since they didn’t actually know what happened!!! Bravo.

You folks know that there’s talk between ABC and CNN to turn over ABC’s news division to CNN? There’s also been talks between CNN and CBS, but it looks more like the deal will go down between ABC and CNN. I gotta wonder how that’ll work (besides “not very well”), I would think that the FTC or somebody would have problems with it. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s looking more and more like the original film Rollerball was a blueprint for the future.


ABC is owned by Disney.

Bambi does CNN?

CNN does Bambi?

Thumper is a shill for Murdock?

I don’t want to hear about the 7 dwarfs go to Iraq…

[sub]my head hurts…[/sub]

Don’t worry, us Aussies have it in hand - we’re exporting CNNNN to you.

WARNING - link should not be clicked ny the humour impaired.

How funny would that have been, though? Grisham/Grissholm starts spouting off about Shakespeare and bullet trajectory while Dan Rather just looks around like “What the?” … then later you could get Calista Flockhart in to discuss the finer points of corporate law. It’d be great. I think we need * more *sitcom-to-news crossovers.