Just when you thought the WWF could not get more dumb.

Now it’s actually kissing McMahons ass??

Not possible.

Vince has snapped.

Vince, I know the XFL disaster was a crushing blow, but please stop it.

However, you could start a Kiss Jeff Hardy’s Ass or a Kiss Rob Van Dam’s Ass at the 12/4 Chicago Smackdown taping. :slight_smile:

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Thank you. :rolleyes: I’m so glad I’m not the only one. For the last two consecutive Saturday nights I have been listening in disbelief from the dining room while Bonzo enjoys every minute of this particularly fatheaded storyline. I mean, it’s normally at about sixth-grade level, I understand that, and I enjoy that aspect of it, but this “kiss ass” thing, with all the “butt” jokes, just isn’t fun. Or funny.

And what is it with the British guy? I’m sorry, I don’t get it.

Yeah! I was watching wrestling for the first time last night since I was about 11. At least it used to entertaining and they used to be better actors.

Finally, [sub]I have to tell someone[/sub] some guy hit another guy in the back and the comentator goes “[guy] hits [other guy] in the kidney bone.” Huh? Kidney bone. Thank heavens you’re not my doctor.

I thought the Kiss My Ass segements are incredbly stupid. Continue with the Taker/heel, Austin/Face and bring back HHH. Stop spending 41 minutes (his ring time on Raw and Smackdown last week) showing us the tricks you can do with your ass.

Well, I blame it on Rikishi. Ever since he came along, they’ve had an obsession with ugly posterior action. They need to re-do the Vince, Austin, & Angle Comedy Trio Hour.

I’m just glad I haven’t been able to watch it for the past few weeks. I hope it picks up when I go see the 12/11 taping.

Will someone explain who’s kissing who’s ass and why to those of us who absolutely won’t watch that drivel, even to collect evidence of how worthless it is?

Or don’t explain if you think it might upset my delicate sensibilities.

They’re setting this up for a grand comeback by Hogan. Vince is going to demand that Hogan kiss his ass, and then a miniature “Hulk Hogan” will come out and do it…and then they’ll do the same story line with Bret Hart and every other star wrestler who left WWF on less than amicable terms with Vince.

This angle looks a lot like something Bischoff would’ve concocted for Nitro…or perhaps like the wrestling equivalent of those staged “trailer park trash” home videos from the Jerry Springer show.

Click on the link above for a more detailed story about what is going on, and remember Google is your friend.

I think parents who let their children watch this filth should be punished.

Thats even more disgusting that the crotch grabbing "SUCK IT!! of a few years ago. Nothing more disturbing than asking your six year old what he learned in school today - only to have him grab himself and demand that you suck it.

Um, yeah.

And yet the police harrasss Pee Wee Herman. :rolleyes:

The World Wildlife Fund is kissing who’s ass?


You mean there’s another WWF?

Big guys in tight spandex grappling on the floor kissing asses???

What the heck are you sickos watching?
d :wink:

Uh huh, and where were you people when I posted this ? http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=101294