Just where is the G-Spot??

Everywhere i’ve read,everyone i’ve listened to, has a different view on this one…have i ever found it?,hey!,an Englishman never reveals his secrets!..so what the general opinion on this one?..

Please forgive me i’m English!

Tis right after the F-spot like it always is Sweetness!

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Well i have found it is usually in the same GENERAL area on most women but the precice location can vary…

oh my it DOES exist

How do you like that! And without so much as a “Kiss my foot” or “Have an apple”!


Don’t you people read the Straight Dope? Cecil tells all about the G Spot.

Isn’t it under the G-string?

Did you look under the couch? I find lots of stuff there.

OK, logging in here as the intrepid researcher with the Proper sensitive apparatus… in my out-of-my- mind experience, the G-spot does exist.

I’ve conducted many(admittedly not double-blind clinical trials) experiments, and my conclusions are:
Initial digital stimulation (and sweetly whispered words) prepare the debated Spot for further examination.

Extended examination further prepares the purported Spot for further experimentation.

After exhausting experimentation in various physical permutations, “doggie” style seems to be the best adapted to stimulating the fabled Spot.

The variable appears to be the longevity of stimulus applied. There is also a “wild card” factor, which I will label as “desirability of stimulator”.

This information is given in the best interest of science, so don’t any of you bastards e-mail me.

Its in Assboink

Ask Mark…although unless the hair around her crotch is “poofed up”, he probably didn’t notice…

Hey Purple, here is a clue: Its on the WOMAN, NOT the man. whew. You can quit looking :slight_smile:

I should have asked this on the previous thread (follow Atreal’s link), but now that it’s back, I can ask here: Are all the women here able to find their G-spot?

On the previous thread, many women gushed about finding the G-spot, and no one said they couldn’t find it. Are all the women here able to find theirs, or are the women who can’t just silent?

Inquiring fin… uhm, minds want to know!

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

Isn’t that the spot where he touches me and I sink into oblivion going, “Gee…”? So far this spot has migrated all over my body… Gee, that feels good. Gee, that feels even better. Gee! Oh Gee! My God! That’s the spot! Oh, wait! His name is Gee… that explains it! :wink:

ZenBeam – to really answer the question: Yes, I’m certain I have one. Yes, I’m certain because someone else found it for me. Yes, it triples the impact of orgasm in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. I imagine that the women who can’t find it are probably silent about it. They should work on finding it; the search can be fun in and of itself and once you DO find it it’s like winning the lottery!


Out out damned spot!

www.Mapquest.com says:

insert middle finger, palm side up. bend the finger just slightly towards the navel and Voila! you are there.

only a few little inches, and so much mileage…

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That’s it O-Girl! The first time he hit mine I thought I’d pass out! It’s real and God bless the man who finds mine!

Byzantine, I have a feeling your whole body responds to touch…

For the rest of you, every woman has a Graffenburg spot. It is NOT sensitive in every woman. The so called ‘ejaculation’ that sometimes occurs when the area is stimulated is actually urine.

As for where it is, well I can read a woman’s body like a blind man reads braille, so Ill clue ya all in. If you don’t feel anything special, it doesn’t mean you didn’t find it.

If a woman is Laying on her back the G-Spot is located at the top one inch at the entrance to the vagina. ABout the size of a dime. So, basically, its just the top half inch of the vagina. Usually its a little coarser than the bottom.

And, yes, Im too old to give lessons in person.

All I can say in response is there must be a reason they call you “handy” :wink:

Incidentally, did I ever tell you that before I read Cecil’s column on the subject, I’d never even heard of the g-spot? After I read that, I went home and tried to find it myself. Best four hours I ever wasted! Even now that I’ve had plenty of practice in finding it, I like to check occasionally to make sure it hasn’t moved or anything. Let’s see… yep, it’s still there… ohhhhhhh, YES!, it’s still there… 'scuse me a moment, I’ll be right back…

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Neuro, stop it already, I’m at WORK here :slight_smile:


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