Justice, McVeigh, and Junkyard wars

My friend and I were discussing capital punishment over lunch. We heard that there was some talk about maybe broadcasting the McVeigh execution over TV. So I got to thinking…

You see a lot of old buildings being demolished these days in spectacular fashion (three rivers staduium, old Vegas hotels, urban tall bldgs). So, I’m thinking the best justice would be to strap Tim McVeigh down on the lower floor of one of these babies, and bring in the Junkyard wars teams (with access to the appropriate demolition equipment, of course) and have a race to see who could bring down the house!

just my opinion

I think we already had a Great Debate about how McVeigh should be executed.

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You’re right, Curious George. Actually there are several threads dealing with different aspects of McVeigh’s execution. I posting this during a break and don’t have time to provide the links right now but those interested can find them through the search function. (Click the “search” icon at the top of the page, use McVeigh as a keyword and back the time frame out to 10 days or so. That’ll take you to the list.)

Perfectly valid topic but I’m locking this off just so we don’t duplicate efforts.

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