Justified 02/26 - Outlaw (spoilers galore)

OK, now THIS was an episode! A body count of six, Boyd pulling strings on the high-rolling string-pullers, and Raylan wins a quick-draw contest against a Detroit hitter in a police uniform. Funniest line on TV all season? “Jesus, I hope I got that right.” Johnny’s playing head-games with Colt, and the most heartless man ever to walk the Earth is dead, stabbed, ironically enough, in the vicinity of where a normal person would keep their heart. I’d have bet anything that would’ve been a flesh wound on Arlo.

Damn good episode. DAMN good!

One of the best episodes of the series so far. That gunfight was just plain awesome.

I’ll miss Arlo, though he was never this bad ass in the first two seasons. He was just a bumbling scammer. And while the one-liner was nice, I preferred the slow burn when it was revealed Arlo was truly dead.

I actually yelled out “Wow!”. I didn’t really snap to the fact that Raylen knew who he was as soon as he came in. I like how he fucked with him (angering and enticing him) by shushing him and starting a mundane conversation with Ava. I can just see Raylen thinking he wanted to test himself every bit as much as he wanted to stop the hitman.

Plus Boyd came pretty close to dying, he’s got to be plenty pissed at Duffy. The look on Boyd’s face was priceless. Part ‘god damn he’s fast’, part ‘hey waiddaminit, that guy was going to kill me!’.

I won’t miss Arlo. Weak character, weak acting.

Until the credits rolled, I was expecting to see his toe tag twitch. I hate that he’s gone; but I would have been pissed if they did anything that contrived. BUT, I thought to myself there’s NO WAY they’re writing Arlo out of this show. Awesome episode.

Great ep. Missed seeing Jackie Nevada ;). I also liked Raylan prodding the gunman, but am a bit surprised that the gunman, who’s “killed more folks than malaria” missed Raylan at such close range AND gave Raylan - who stated he was a Marshall a few seconds prior - a verbal warning. But minor stuff within a great ep.

Seems pretty clear to me that Drew Thompson is…

Sherriff Shelby, played by sometimes Doper Jim Beaver. His line to Ellen May about becoming what you pretend; his interest in hearing that Drew’s wife was around and still looked good, etc. The real question is whether Ellen May is his and the psychic wife’s daughter…

I look forward to seeing how this seasons wraps up.

Since the show has been hinting pretty hard that Shelby is Drew Thompson, I’m going to call the writers’ bluff and place my bet on Tim being Drew, having very cleverly disguised himself as a young Iraq war vet.

I think that Arlo makes it seven bodies. Shelby is dropping all kinds of wistful hints that he is Drew Thompson, but it doesn’t make any sense for the former Sheriff, now inmate, to want to kill Arlo, and Arlo to want to kill him to shut each other up unless he is DT. Although he appears to be too young to be DT.

Did anyone else catch Shelby saying that Ellie May favored her mother?

If it is Shelby, he had best get his ass to Detroit and kill Theo Tonin before TT finds him.

Arlo has to die because the bag was found. It didn’t matter that he knew Shelby was Drew until it became known that Drew wasn’t dead.

Former sheriff is ordered to kill Arlo or else former sheriff will be killed. Arlo kills former sheriff in self defense. ??

Shelby doesn’t seem too young, but his wife sure does. She must have married him when she was twelve.

Ava’s happiness is foreshadowing something awful.

Former sheriff is only beat the heck up, not dead. In upcoming scenes Raylan is transporting him (way to go Art, let the victim’s son transport the murderer of his father, even if it is Arlo.)

Brent Sexton plays him and his character is Hunter Mosley, former Sheriff.

We don’t really have any hints for why there would be any covering up for Shelby if he were DT. Shelby was a mine operations manager in a trailer when we first met him. Why would Arlo, Josiah and Hunter cover for this guy? More likely that Hunter is DT, because he would kill to cover it up if necessary and as Sheriff he could also get it done as a favor if he were corrupt.

All the hints say it is Shelby, no past, broken legs, St. Christopher medal, but character is what it is about, and Shelby wouldn’t have the character to threaten murder, or the scariness to keep people shut up for 30 years. Shelby is too nice. I think it is all misdirection and it is Hunter.

Amazon doesn’t show previews, so I didn’t know Hunter wasn’t dead.

I don’t see much difference between Hunter and Shelby, if either of them are Drew.

What about Shelby’s comment to Ellen May, about the uniform? He said something like if you pretend to be a person long enough, you become that person. That could explain the character shift, from drug dealer to lawman.

We also have Shelby’s interest in Drew’s widow.

Shelby said Ellen May favored his ex-wife - and I hadn’t entertained the idea that Ellen May might be Shelby’s daughter. It makes sense given how he’s watching out for her. So it appears to be shaking out that Shelby is Drew Thompson, and Ellen May is his daughter. Agreed with whoever said Drew’s ex-wife looks too young to be Drew’s ex-wife, she must’ve married very young.

Seven bodies? Who’d I miss? High-roller & security guard, bondage high-roller, drug-dealer & customer, the Detroit hit-man & Arlo. Well, I missed someone. Seven it is.

I agree, and there are more than lots of hints that it is Shelby. Broken legs, St. Christopher medal for pilot, etc. So many hints that it is too obvious and inconsistent with his character and the Hunter/Arlo showdown.

Maybe it wasn’t Shelby who arranged the showdown.

If it turns out to be Hunter – or anyone other than Shelby – I’ll be pissed. So far, this show hasn’t stooped to misdirection, about anything. To give us all the clues about Shelby being Drew and then to have Drew be someone else – it’s kinda cheap.

Even if viewers twigged early, it’ll still make for a satisfying finale, because Raylan and Art don’t know what we [think we] know.

I didn’t know Arlo could be killed! And loved his dying words, himself to the end.

And I’m leaning towards Shelby as Drew also, same reasons as already listed. But don’t see him as ordering the hit on Arlo.

Why aren’t the shooters more concerned that a blast of 3-4 shots would draw attention?

Even if the the rich guys did live in big houses far off the road there could very well be groundskeepers and the like around.

The house in which Colt was blasting people seemed to be in a populated area.

As my wife said, “All women want him, and all men want to be him.” Good thing I’m not the jealous type.

Well, the Detroit killer didn’t seem to care. I think he’d have no problem eliminating any witnesses that showed up.

Colt, as we’ve seen, is batshit crazy.

Best part of the episode was Boyd’s WHOA reaction to Raylan killing the Detroit guy. I love that Boyd had absolutely no idea what was happening for once.

I’m pretty sure Hunter arranged the session with Arlo himself. My read was that Hunter has no idea who Drew is, but after Raylan interrogated him, he now knows that A) it’s important and B)Arlo knows. So he arranges some alone time to torture Arlo with a pair of scissors and extract Drew’s identity. A plan that fails when Arlo has a much greater tolerance to thorazine than the guard expected.

The best part of the best part of the ep (the shootout) was that it wasn’t a one-two shot deal. Raylan blasted at least four shots in what was clearly a, “You are too dangerous to risk any of them being a grazing shot, so I’ll fire until I’m sure you’re down for the count.” move.