Justified 3.14 -- "Peace of Mind" (open spoilers)

This episode was heavy on the witty dialogue. I’ll bet the actors have as much fun saying those lines as we do hearing them.

So, I’ll be disappointed if it happens, but I’m starting to think maybe Ellen May is Drew/Shelby’s daughter. It would explain why he hung around. Although it wouldn’t explain why he didn’t do something to prevent her from becoming a trailer park whore.

I’m hoping that his chin hug was just because he was happy to have rescued her, he did something good. Because God was probably about done watching over her.

I’m also hoping that Nicky Augustine hangs around for another season.

Winona’s chair – what do you guys think? Was it just to gain entry into the house, to plant a bug?

Is there a mole in Art’s office? Detroit knows too much.

I’m with you on hoping there’s more going on than father-daughter stuff. Your logic is hard to assail.

Sorry to lose Colt, but of the two it’s better him than Gutterson. He’s about to come into his own, as is Rachel. I want to see her kick some serious butt.

I just don’t want this season to be over! :frowning:

Looks like some hard shit going down next week. Is that the season finale?

I’m not sure I like everyone growing a conscience at the same time. Too much Yin in my Yang (Yang in my Yin?)

Boyd is only NOW thinking about moving the body???

Give him a break - boyd’s got a lot on his plate -

New dairy queen franchise to start, house to buy, his cousin to murder - you try ruling a drug cartel sometime.

I’m okay with that. They didn’t have to worry about it until Ellen May got religion. And they still didn’t have to worry, until Ellen May figured out that Boyd and Ava wanted her dead.

But moving a body that’s been down a mine shaft for how long? Blech.

ChefGuy, yes, season finale next week. I’ll miss it too, but Game of Thrones and Mad Men are coming back, and there’s a new PBS series – Selfridge’s starring Jeremy Piven as a department store owner in Victorian (or is it Edwardian?) London. Sunday nights will be full.

Isn’t it hidden in a coal slurry pond? Still blech, but less with the climbing daring-do.

I enjoyed it as always. Great, florid dialogue, Tim got his friend’s killer, Ellen Mae seems safe - looks like Boyd’s coming at the problem at another angle, and if he pulls that off, Ellen Mae won’t be worth the risk of killing. I did not think she and the church-lady were going to get out of that scene alive.

As the penultimate season episode, it was fun, but unsurprisingly, it just served to ratchet up the tension without that satisfying denouement. Leaves one with an itch to scratch, but I hope next week will satisfy it without a cliffhanger. One thing I appreciate about this show is they haven’t felt the need to hold us hostage to get us to tune in. They’ll give you the payoff and say, “See ya next season.” Really nice to see these days.

Detroit’s messing about with Raylan’s woman? As Raylan would say, “That’s not going to end well for them.”

You’re right. I was conflating it with that Walking Dead episode where Glenn went down the well. It was Ellen May’s “cut him in half” comment that sent my mind a’wandering.

God, I hope Ava doesn’t fall in. This episode, I was watching Joelle Carter’s eyes. She looked sad in every scene, like she was saying goodbye to a great experience.

I said the same thing. I watched the first season a few weeks ago and Ava talked like she had honey dripping from her voice; and looked it too. Now with her sad eyes and hair pulled back; she looks harsh. Like she’s been beaten down. :frowning:

I don’t know if it’s a breakdown, or if it’s a tempering experience. If it ends up playing as a breakdown, then the writers are going to choose a redemption storyline. If it’s a tempering experience, Ava could be the next Mags, but I don’t think she’ll be making any apple pie moonshine.

Ava’s never been part of the life the way Mags was. Every move Ava’s made has been to protect those she cares about, only now she’s recognizing the toll it’s taken on her. She allowed herself to believe in Boyd’s promise of the straight life, but I tihn she’s realizing that it’s never going to happen. It’s not in Boyd’s nature, and he just has too much history to make a clean break.

And I have no idea what Detroit is doing with Winona. If they wanted her dead, she’d be dead. If they wanted to kidnap her, same deal. Seems no point in bugging her house; she doesn’t know anything and only talks baby stuff with Raylan. Is it just sending a message to Raylan that they can get to her? Tipping your hand like that is a bad idea, and you’d think they’d know that by now. Raylan isn’t someone you can just scare off.

I agree, lots of great dialogue.

I don’t know if a bug would have been planted in Winona’s house. It’s not like Raylan or anyone else would be discussing information that would be useful to the Detroit mafia there. It seems more likely that it was to show to Raylan that they can get to his family. I’m guessing they’re still trying to get to Shelby, so maybe they’re gonna try to threaten Raylan over that- let us get to Shelby, or we’ll take it out on your ex-wife and baby.

I thought perhaps there was a bomb in the rocking chair. But there’s very little space in which you could hide one.

That was my thought, too. Like when they show the key going into the ignition. You just know something ain’t right.

I fully expect there to be a few fewer Detriot types after next episode. And since we haven’t been treated to Adam Arkin all season maybe there will be a new nemesis (or set of them) next year. It’s just that topping that episode where the body count was upwards of five is going to be tough to pull off. I want Rachel to eliminate at least two, with nut shots.

Yeah, that makes more sense than a bug. It does appear that Detroit may know that Drew hasn’t talked yet. Once his information is recorded, there’s nothing they can do, is there?

The finale should be something special.

In “No Surprise to Anyone” news, FX has renewed the show.

I recorded the episode, and while fast-fowarding through the commercials I saw something about another show in the works, but don’t remember the name of it, or whether it was on FX or maybe AMC. Any clues anybody?

Until he says it in court it don’t really mean a thing.

Near the end talks of Raylan’s suspension intensified so have to assume he gets some time off, where does he go with some time off? Kill bad guys and visits Winona
doubt anything is under the chair, she was there the entire time the thug put it together. Maybe just to let us know they know Winona is a player in Raylan’s life.

Would that be The Bridge on FX? Sounds pretty promising; it’s about a Mexican detective and American detective looking for a serial killer. It’s based on a Swedish/Danish series. The commercial was pretty damned creepy.