Justified, Season Five starts tonight!

Justified, one of the best series on TV, returns tonight on FX. We spent December catching the wife up on seasons 1-4, so now she’s well hooked into the lives of the Givens, the Crowders and the Crowes. Well acted, with manly men, womenly women and dastardly criminals. Give it a shot, if you haven’t already.

I’ve seen seasons 1 - 4 on Amazon streaming. I hope to find a way to watch season 5 without waiting a year for Amazon to have it.

You can watch the next day via Amazon, but you’d have to pay for it. That’s how I watched season four. Our former cable company doesn’t carry FX.

One of our favorite shows - and the season with Mags (Season 2?) was spectacular! She deserved her Emmy win for that season!

Check the FX web site - I think they post them after they air.

Neal McDonough should have won as Robert Quarles. That was one evil. . .er. . .evildoer. I also think that Nick Searcy and Jere Burns deserve Emmys for their supporting roles. Hell, the show deserves an Emmy just for letting us feast our eyes on Shelley Hennig for one episode.

She played Jackie Nevada, a character Elmore Leonard had in at least one book. I was hoping she’d stick around a bit.

Will do that, thanks!

She must’ve been Jackie Nevada - ah, I see by kayaker’s post I’m right. Yeah; nice.

This is my favorite show - I am a huge Elmore fan and this show delivers the goodness. I can hardly wait - but I have to because I am away this week on business so I have my DVR set. My wife and son started watching it with me the last couple of eps of last season, and have recently caught up - I hate the fact that they get to jump out ahead as this season starts! :wink:

And it will be interesting to see Michael Rappaport playing anything but a Noo Yawker - I really enjoy him.

My wife used to catch plane rides with the Marshall’s Service between Anchorage and Fairbanks, where she had GSA properties to manage. They really are a macho bunch of gunslingers.

Seems like it’s been FOREVER!!! Arguably the best drama ever!!!

Did any of you watch the pre-season interview?

It looks like some of this season is going to delve deeper into the Crow family and also take us to Florida

A friend of mine from high school is a US Marshall. He’s the most low-key badass I’ve ever known. :slight_smile: Even in high school, he didn’t seem to have that fear gene in him. Need someone to roll down a steep hill in a rusty barrel? He’s your guy. :smiley:

I don’t know if you are using macho in a good way, or an overinflated ego way; but my friend is the most humble guy you’d ever meet. However you just sense there’s something brewing just underneath the surface.

damn - what an episode !

My only disappointment was Raylan firing two rounds at the pool and it springing three leaks before bursting. :smack:

That said, I thought it was a very good start to the season. I appreciated the respect they gave to Elmore Leonard before the episode.

It wasn’t a bad opener; they’re obviously setting the scene for the Crowes moving into Kentucky in force. Boyd Crowder has apparently tipped over into full time crazy.

A couple of questions. What could the funeral director do to influence the judge? And why did the Crowe sister (the paralegal pretending to be a lawyer) suddenly swerve in traffic and run from the car?

It’s Raylan - he’s that damn good.

“Get a bucket”

Last season it was made pretty clear that the Funeral directory had significant power and was part of the ‘gentlemens’ society of that part - of which the judge was also a member.

Did you miss the part that the passenger had a gun on her and was taking her to the marina to either keep as hostage or kill ?

Yes, I missed that. I wasn’t watching as closely as the show deserves.

Great to see it back but I was surprised at how low key the season opener was. Only 9 killings?

Raylan’s first few lines:

“What better judgement”
“You might want to note for the record he thought he had four kidneys.”

Surprisingly good cast for this episode. Good to see David Koechner do something more ambitious than"Bill Brasky" sketches (much as I enjoy them). I thought it was kind of an uneven start to the season, but it’s my favorite show on TV now (after the remaining episode of Sherlock airs), so I have faith things will evolve.

The Crows don’t seem like a suitable foil for Raylan. Perhaps Boyd’s future dealings with the Mexican drug cartels will liven things up.

The mortician’s wife was a doctor in Latvia. Can’t help but think an off-the-books doctor could be of use to a man like Boyd.