Justin Bieber Deposition

The deposition is only admissible for impeachment purposes if he denies making the statements at trial, which he won’t - and there is no way his attorney will stipulate to admission of the deposition in lieu of live testimony, regardless of the amount at issue. More importantly, there’s no way the other party’s attorney will stipulate, since he is likely to make just as much of an ass of himself in front of the jury.

I’m willing to go on file as the elderly Bieber fan, but will call him out on his crap. The whole brothel thing gave me the willies but all the Florida stuff turned out to be fake. (Surprise! -Florida!)

I lost it in this when they said “SIR SIR SIR not to cut you off!” and he was like “really?”

Until I’m like “That Justin Bieber’s cute.”