Justin Bieber Deposition

Anybody else seen this video? I was never a Bieber follower or hater, think some of his songs are kind of catchy and never gave him any more thought than that until I saw this while randomly surfing BuzzFeed.


What a tool!

My favorite part is where he says he was “detrimental” to his own career.

Can’t bring myself to watch it but would read further analysis …

You were lucky. I wish I could go back to that time.

I never thought I’d ever find myself defending Justin Bieber, but I can’t really blame him for being an uncooperative dick to the attorney of a pap he’s being sued by. If this were a law enforcement official, it would be a completely different case.

The good news is, JB will never be on The Dope because he’s a jerk. After watching that, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some kind of dope had been involved in his pre-deposition meal. Little boy can barely keep his eyes open, and seems intent on making a situation that he obviously hates last ten times longer than it needed to. His comments on “is this a film?” as if he has only one tight tiny definition of what can be called “film”, and his surprise at learning the Usher has a first name are equaled only by his half-hearted attempt to not talk about talking to Selena Gomez about papparazzi. And oh, the angst…“this feels like a 16-minute interview” as if that is the worst torture in the world. Once again, I feel so sorry for his mom, who has to watch this behavior and try to hide her embarassment and be “supportive” of this kid who claims he can’t even remember if he’s ever been to Australia.

I have no love for the kid but kudos to him for not giving the other side’s attorney one bit of useful information in that deposition.

Please check out the linked opinion piece. IMO, JB made himself seem a little obnoxious. (I realise my life is not being microscopically probed like his is.)

Letterman to Selena Gomez about Bieber: “The last time he was on the show he said some things and I said some things and I made him cry.”

Selena Gomez: “Well then, that makes two of us.”


I’d have a little more sympathy re the deposition if he hadn’t been acting like a total jerk all over the place and to everyone lately. As it is, it looks like he’s just being himself.

Here is the parody version. They couldn’t make the fake one as obnoxious as the original.

Actually, I believe he said “A 60 Minutes interview.”

Like that little twit even has the attention span to watch 60 Minutes.

Sorry, but no matter how frivolous you may think a lawsuit is, there’s no excuse for acting like such a spoiled, entitled brat during a deposition. At one point he even lashes out at the court reporter, who is only doing her job.

I can only hope he acts this way in front of a judge and gets his ass handed to him.

He may have meant to refer to “60 Minutes”, but what came out of his mouth was “it seems like a sixteen minute interview.”

Was he high or something?

The best part though was the comments from the “Beliebers”. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! THAT GUY WAS SO MEAN!!!” Good god.

Uh, no. He provided much “information” about himself that will be highly highly useful to the other side. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Most likely scenario is as follows: His idiotic behavior undoubtedly cost him thousands of dollars in settlement money. (Obviously this doesn’t matter to Justin Bieber, who has millions, but it will matter to the paparazzo.) This matter will obviously not go to trial; it will settle. So this idiocy will show up in a mediation brief and a mediator will explain to Justin’s side how a hypothetical jury will hate Justin because of how he acted and this hypothetical jury will therefore award the pap a lot of money; therefore, Justin will have to pay a lot of money to settle it. Had he been charming or sweet and acted in such a way that a jury would feel sorry for him and feel anger toward the pap, then he would have to pay a lot less in settlement. This I say without knowing the facts. But rest assured, there’s less than nothing that Justin did right in that depo. He’s a complete and utter tool and idiot. What’s also ridiculous/sad/inevitable is that his lawyers will never stand up to him or tell him not to be such an idiot, because then he will fire them immediately. Then they will no longer be Justin Bieber’s lawyer, a sweet, fun, and lucrative gig. So, he’s surrounded by yes-men, and it goes on and on and on. Pathetic…

what I hate the most is when people make excuses for him saying he’s just a kid. What a load of bull that excuse is.

And to think, I just got through saying that he was generally nice to his fans, which is why I don’t jump on the hate-wagon. I guess that is just an act.

I’m having a hard time seeing how this deposition is going to be seen by the jury.

I think that performance was all about the fans. He even winked at the camera. He is just trying to act tough to prop up his image.

Why? (setting aside the fact that it’s not going to go to trial so it’s just the threat of same) The whole depo, surely not, but certain responses, could definitely be seen by them…and I’m assuming he responds and acts the same way during the whole deposition, not just the part we saw. I’m sure there will be plenty of impeachment in there, plus who knows if he would be available for trial? He might be on a world tour making millions and unwilling to appear for trial where he might have to pay $50,000. The depo could be used in lieu of his testimony.

It wouldn’t.