K-Y Jelly Ad Slogan?

I was just trying to think of what K-Y Jelly could possibly have as their ad slogan. Current thoughts are:

K-Y Jelly:
Bringing people together

K-Y Jelly:
Save the grunt work

K-Y Jelly:
Just do it!

K-Y Jelly:
Expand your horizons

Anyone have any ideas?

“K-Y Jelly: The only other thing you’ll need is a rolling doughnut.”

“K-Y Jelly:Slide, Kelly, slide!!!”

“K-Y Jelly:Bring it on!”

I don’t have a slogan, but I got the visual to go with it right here.

K-Y Because somtimes Grandma just can’t get the juices flowing like she used to.

“Roger and out”

K-Y Jelly - Slippery when not wet.

That’s perfect!

KY Jelly - Recommended by 4 out of 5 perverts on the bus.

K-Y: Is it in you?


They need Paul Simon singing ‘Slip Sliding Away’.

KY…It’s Finger Lickin’ good!

KY…Better than hocking up a loogie.

KY…cuz gay guys jus’ don’t get wet down there!

KY…not for use in PB&J sandwiches.

KY…four out of five proctologists agree, KY hurts less!

When slipping in the back door

Of a lad or a lass

Here’s a thought to remember

Don’t be a pain in the ass

KY Jelly

Or Creedance Clearwater Revival’s “Looking out my Back Door”

and apart, and together, and apart, and together…

With enough K-Y, you can fit a whole fist in there!

[hijack] Astro Glide always makes me think of the Jetson’s dog. With Astro Glide, even YOU can accomodate a Great Dane. [/hijack]

K-Y Jelly: Unless you’d rather someone spit a bunch of times on your genitals.

I am reminded of a joke which I will share with you…right now:

A friend of mine, who works as a chemist, was telling me about one of his usual customers. This one lady, he said, would come in every week and ask for a tub of Vaseline. (I assume you know what Vaseline is) Week after week, without fail, she would buy the lubricating product. She was a reasonably young lady, and the chemist did wonder what on earth she could use such large amounts for. So one day as she was finding her money to pay the chemist, he spoke out.

“Excuse me madam,” he asked, “If you don’t mind me prying. What do you use all this Vaseline for?”

Without a batter of an eyelid she answered, “For sex.”

The chemist was shocked at her calmness over the matter.

“If you don’t mind madam,” he asked again, “what exactly do you use it for?”

“Well,” she said,

“I spread it on the doorknob to stop the kids walking in.”"

Returning to the topic at hand…

KY Jelly: 4 out of 5 prison bitches recommend it.

OK, someone has to be disgusting enough to make the obligatory reference:

“K-Y Jelly. Now with a thinner formula. Won’t clog straws!”

Oh man, that’s just … just … just … wrong. snort giggle

Slight hijack, but has anyone seen the commercial for the KY Warming Liquid? I don’t know why, but it never fails to crack me up.

She will have plenty to complain about after giving it up for you why add anything.

KY Jelly makes you slip in like Justin Timberlake.