Kaine lapel pin

What lapel pin was Kaine wearing at the debate?

Aw, not a Hydra pin. That would have been awesome.

Just to save others the trouble of clicking on that link, the pin depicts a blue star on a white field with a red border. It’s from an organization called “Blue Star Families” and he wears it to honor his son, who is serving in the military overseas.

It’s not from an organization. There are several organizations which have been named after the blue star (or gold star) symbol but the flag predates those organization by quite a bit. The Blue star flag was first designed in WWI. It became widespread and hit it’s peak in WWII. A white flag with a red border and blue star for each family member in the service was displayed throughout the country. If the family member died the blue star was replaced with a gold star. Blue Star Mothers of America started in 1960. Blue Star Families was started in 2009. Quite a long time after WWI.

The linked article says, “It’s a Blue Star Families pin, worn to honor his son, who is serving in the military overseas.”

I was just summarizing the linked article, to save others the trouble of having to click on it. My deepest apologies if I got a minor fact wrong.

You might recall in Saving Private Ryan there was a short scene with no dialog where the brothers’ mother is being notified of her loss. A banner with four stars is shown in the window at the start of the scene (scroll down).

There was a notable “issue” about said pin in July when the NC Republican Party called him out for wearing the flag of Honduras. The actual meaning of the pin (the blue star flag) was clarified then.

When Donald Trump responded to the DNC speech made by Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of an Army captain who was killed in Iraq, Trum was criticized for going after a “Blue Star” family.

Some didn’t get the message.

And of course the idea that the candidates have to wear an American flag lapel pin is silly nonsense.

No he was criticized for going after a Gold Star Family.

Sorry, yes, you’re correct.

Wait, do you know what kind of crowd you’re speaking to? Fat lot of good that will do if it happens.


I have a blue star flag in the window by my front door. My son is in the Navy. It is a rare event when someone comments on it or asks what it is.

If I was Tim Kaine I would wear that pin everywhere just to get the endless stream of easily rebuttable complaints. “Oh, you don’t know what this is? Why don’t you talk to someone who supports military families. They can probably fill you in.”

(Of course, if I was Tim Kaine, I would wear a Decepticon logo just for funsies.)

And on this foolishness election are won or lost. As a people, we are so stupid.

Not ignorant for that can be cured by education.

Stupid refuses to learn as it likes to live stupid.

Perhaps you need to go back to fifth grade." :slight_smile:

Honest mistake; they look so similar. :rolleyes: