Kane Tombstones Linda

I love this current storyline with Kane!

So where do you think it’s gonna lead to? For some reason I see Paul Bearer coming back. Any other predictions?

Uh, what?

It’s something to do with wrestling, but…


It’s a wrestling thead :smiley:

Good God. A wrestling thread. On the SDMB. Wow.

On tonight’s Raw, Vince seemed to suddenly decide he liked Kane beating up his wife, then Steve Austin came out…

I’m pretty sure this is leading up to a SummerSlam matchup between Austin and Kane, or possibly between Shane and Kane, since Shane (McMahon) came back at the end of the show to hit Kane with a chair a few times.

Hopefully it ends at Wrestlemania with Kane kicking the scripted crap out of Goldberg. I hate that guy.

If only I’d known, I’d never have bumped this thread.

Oops…I did it again.

You’re in Atlanta, Fiver; you must have some kind of inner redneck, and thus an appreciation for the fine art of pretending to fight in Speedos…

Nope! None whatsoever!

And nor do I spend my days out back workin’ on the Dodge.

dutchboy208, do you really think Goldberg will do the J.O.B. for Kane? I can’t believe that Goldylocks and HHH are going to “wrestle” at SummerSlam. I’ll eat my sweaty and smelly hat if its a clean finish for either ego.

My thoughts exactly. That match reeks of When Egos Collide.


Is it just me or when Goldberg makes his “GRRRR, I’M TOUGH!” faces, does he look inbred? I always see him on a porch with a banjo…


I was bored last Thursday and decided to watch the show for the first time in about 2 years. I turn on Smackdown only to see some one legged guy getting trossed around. I mean, really, are the writers even trying anymore?

If you actually watched last Thursday, you would see that the one-legged kid has extraordinary balance and agility, and can do more on one leg than I (and many others) can do on two. You might have also noticed that the crowd loved the kid and what he has been able to accomplish. He has overcome his handicap (losing a leg to cancer) to be able to become a professional wrestler, his lifelong dream.

Not only that, but they have ‘booked’ (scripted) his matches very effectively, so as not to make a skinny, one-legged kid look superhuman, but to give him a chance to overcome the odds as much as possible and, where this storyline is concerned, to let most fans leave with a good taste in their mouths.

There’s enough stuff in wrestling where I’ll agree with the statement “are the writers even trying anymore?” This isn’t one of them.

One. Legged. Wrestler?
One. Legged. Wrestler?

Holy shit!

One. Legged. Wrestler?
One. Legged. Wrestler?

Holy shit!

That’s pretty much all anyone can say when a one-legged wrestler climbs to the top rope and does a moonsault (backflip dive). And they usually say it twice also :slight_smile:

Actually, Sunday’s Vengeance pay-per-view was probably the finest I’ve seen in a long time, especially from a comedic standpoint. The Easter Bunny in a bar brawl? Genius.
The Benoit/Guerrero match and World’s Greatest Tag Team (much as I hate that name) vs. Mysterio/Kidman matches were also top notch.
The Raw “brand”, on the other hand, is going to hell in a fast-moving handbasket.
Between Vince giving himself more TV time than any wrestler, the utter failure of Randy Orton to get the crowd even to boo him, and the fact that Kevin Nash is back on television, things could hardly be worse. Zach Gowan (the one-legged fella) IS hugely impressive considering his disability, but his one impressive move can only take him so far. Unless he can come up with some convincing mat work, which may be well nigh impossible given the missing leg, his novelty value will soon wear off.
As far as the Triple H/Goldberg match, I actually think these two might work pretty well together. Triple H can put together a hell of a match when he feels like it, although it’s been ages since he last did, and with the right opponent even Goldberg can be good to watch. (Think back to DDP/Goldberg at WCW Halloween Havoc if you have the memory to do so). I’m pretty sure Goldberg has creative control over his wins and losses written into his contract, and that’s why I think he’ll go over at SummerSlam… and the writers have to have realized that the title is getting stale around Triple H’s waist.

I was thinking a fiddle. He doesn’t look like the musically inclined type…

I’ll second that. And a slight modification. He doesn’t “climb” to the top rope. He jumps straight up to it, something most two-legged wrestlers don’t do. Contrary to the story line, he’s been wrestling int he independent circuit for a couple of years under the name “Tenacious Z”, where he drew the attention of Bruce Prichard (IIRC), one of the top hiring guys in the WWE.

I think if they can keep his booking realiastic, i.e., somewhere in the middle of the cruiserweight ranks, he will be much more than a flash int he pan. He’ll also last much longer on Smackdown than on Raw, where the egos are not as rampant.


It would be nice if they stopped announcing his weight as if he still had both legs. There’s no way in hell that kid is 162 pounds…

Steve Austin came out of the closet???

I never expected that!