Kanicbird. Yeah, It's probably pointless, but..

WHAT?!?!? Cripes, he isn’t even Odin’s only-begotten BASTARD! Baldr and Hödr are at least LEGITIMATE.

Blasphemer. :mad:
If Mary went along because she felt threatened if she didn’t, it was still rape.

Fool of a Took! I speak of the blond, usually-but-not-always clean-shaven Thunder God whose adventures are chronicled (in bastardized form) by the blessed Stan Lee and his inheritors, not of the bearded redheadspoken of in the Eddas. The former is long dead, having perished in battle with Jormagund.

For Volstagg’s sake, don’t they teach you kids anything in school these days?

Even I think that’s over-stating it. In the story of the Virgin Birth, there is, obviously, no sex. I’ve always taken it that Yahweh caused Mary to conceive parthenogenetically and then tweaked the embryo’s hormones to make it mal rather than female.

No need for any tweaking. An entity capable of saying “Let there be light” and light coming into being in an energy-free universe is certainly capable of saying “Be thou pregnant with a boy-child”.

History doesn’t record what would have happened to anyone, nor to any beta-test Virgins who said “It’s all very well bearing the incarnate Son of God, but I don’t wanna!” - if any existed, plainly they didn’t come to the Gospellers’ attention.

  1. And I speak of the REAL one, not the one who isn’t even good enough to be in DC.

  2. You mean the latter.

  3. You call ME a fool? Ragnarok has not yet occurred and Thor’s death has only been fortold.

  4. No, the angel did not ask her permission, just told what was going to happen. As other people in this thread have said, Mary didn’t have much choice, concerning God’s track record with those who disagreed with him. Ergo: rape, same as if an executive demanded sex from an employee who would lose her home if she lost her job.

I prefer the Dogbert interpretation of karma. If I do bad things to you, it must be because you deserve it.

Several thousand years ago, believing as you do made as much sense as anything else. Today, there’s no excuse. Fuck you, and fuck your infinitely evil God.

Well there was always Brian. Some British Documentary group covered his life in the 70s.

Rape requires SEX. There WAS no sex. There was a BYPASSING OF THE SEXUAL PROCESS.

I’m not defending Yahweh, mind you. He hardly needs my defense, being either omnipotent or imaginary. But calling the conception of Jesus “rape” is a torturing of the language.

Although if his past behavior is anything to go by, “Swallowed by a whale” is one likely outcome.

True, and then “Spewed up alive and well after having had time to think it over” if we’re continuing to run with that model. And Jonah, of course, was even given leave to be pissed at having done his duty and thereby saved Nineveh.

Thanks to this post, I’ve had to ask my weirdest questionyet to GQ…

So hopefully I’ll learn something from all of this. -_-
But thanks for the burst of inspiration, however unwarranted I didn’t want it to be.

Well, I guess that makes everything alright, then.

Reading debate on God’s motivations in the OT just drives home the point I’ve believed for years…there is a God, but he’s as capable of caring and devoting love to us humans as we are to ants.

The most interest anybody develops in caring for ants happens when they hit age 10 or so and make ant farms. They observe the little buggers making tunnels and carrying around bits of leaves, and deem it as cool. Then they hold up the magnifying glass up the sunlight and watch the ants burn and deem it even cooler.

Then God sees that the red and black ants don’t like each other, and will fight if He dumps their ant farms together into one big pile. He doth deem it the coolest.

Moses was just the first ant to realize God has fun with acts of depraved indifference.

I’m with Mhendo on this one. So, it’s we’re fine with the idea that God
a) exists
b) punishes man for their sins by
c) sending a flood in which it rains for forty days and nights, and after which less than ten people are left alive to repopulate the earth along with two of each animal

yet we’re not fine with the idea that the children are punished for the sins of their fathers?
Isn’t that begging the question?


Ah well.

ETA: Actually I was about to ask about the precise situation in the story (magical insemination) which isn’t what you asked about. So I retract my yelling.

You realize that the Book of Jonah is a comedy, right?

I’m not kidding. It’s meant to be absurd.

So if your Father was an executive at Kodak which was responsible for a great deal of the pollution in the Hudson river way upstream, you could drink it with impunity because you of course are not subject to the result of your Father’s sins?

You mean there were jokes in the bible? Damn, I missed them!

Your comparison is not apt; that would make tdn the victim of his/her father’s sins. Punishing someone for his/her father’s sins in this scenario would be sending the child to prison for something the father died before the child’s birth.

It’s a comedy. Jonah is constantly being mocked throughout.