kanicbird, you are the stupidest POS I've ever seen

In this post, kanicbird states that when a fetus dies naturally, (ie a miscarriage), it is because the fetus is evil and God killed it.

Words fail. You are a true piece of shit. Imagine how someone who has lost a baby would feel to be told that God deliberately killed their baby because it was evil. I wish I could tell you what I really think of you, and what I hope happens to you or your demon spawn someday.

Oh, so those fetuses were going to grow up to do worse things than all the rapists and murderers God does allow to be born?

I don’t know why I keep expecting this to make some sense eventually. Maybe I’m an optimist after all.

Well, wishing harm on his descendants–that’s certainly a much less hateful sentiment.

kanicbird is too self-centered and immature to imagine what it’s like to be anyone else. His lack of empathy is what makes him a Christian, because fundamentalist Christianity often attracts psychopathic lunatics who enjoy making up bullshit to enable their delusional behavior.

Of course, that’s assuming kanicbird actually believes the bullshit he keeps spouting – which I strongly doubt.

I’m not the one selling a bullshit religion. I’m not the one trying to push a loving, merciful god down other peoples’ throats, and then stating that that same loving merciful god can capriciously murder fetuses because the fetuses are evil, but damn to hell someone who aborts the fetuses of a nine-year old rape and incest victim. It’s not so much the statement itself that I’m pitting, but the sheer stupidity and hypocrisy behind it.

Sorry, you were the one who called him on his POS hatefulness–invoking a dead child to intensify the empathy you’re looking for–which provoked you to wish harm on his children. The irony, and all that.

Indeed. Why didn’t God abort Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Kin Jung Il, Slave Owners, slaving ship crews, torturers, ect.?

Hell some people used to feed Christians to lions, why were they allowed to be born?

They were all still spiritually squishy and still required time to ripen.

TBH I hadn’t noticed this wackjob until a recent thread where he was competing with lekatt to see who could be the dumbest, batshit insane schmuck on the boards. I’m not sure what kanicbird believes, and I strongly suspect that he’s simply making shit up as he goes along. He’s an insane person. And not even a particularly creative/interesting insane person.

Sadly, I think kanicbird is 100% serious and truthful. Batshit insane from a third party perspective, but sincere.

Fortunately, the treatment for loonies is the same as for trolls.

A fetus once raped my dog.

Fair enough.

It just tells you how bad these kids were. They would make Hitler look like Ghandi. God saved us again with his love and knowledge.

Then the fetus was eaten by a dingo.

Gandhi, dammit, Gandhi. It’s a name; getting it right matters.

Having said that, though… Kanicbird does strike me as being in a world of his own making, and not a particularly happy one. The best you can say of him is that he’s consistent in his delusions and inane spoutings.

A skinny, bald, well-tanned Hitler… Lord help us!

My daughter has a birth defect. Does that mean she’s only half evil?

Should I be sleeping with one eye open here? Need answer fast!

God bless your daughter. I don’t know the cause of the birth defect, but it may be something she accepted as part of coming into the world. We all make some deals, as we all fall short of the glory of God, we all have our sinful tendencies, we all make mistakes.
Don’t Call Me Shirley** seems to equate that with your offspring is evil, I really don’t know how that relationship was made.

The dropping of intellectual quality around here saddens me. Even the idiots are less interesting than they used to be.

Oh my stars. Now it’s not just God smiting the fetus, it’s the fetus’s idea.

That’s… a unique point of view. Thankfully.