kanicbird, you are the stupidest POS I've ever seen

I thought original sin doesn’t start until you’re born…then your evil.

Or it may be a birth defect you fucking fruitcake.

Jesus would weep to hear how you bastardise his teachings.

I don’t know what kind of deal you made, but I’m pretty sure you got ripped off. Nothing is worth being saddled with the kind of idiocy that you’re afflicted with.

That is some funny shit right there. I’m still laughing.

Ah, the loving forgiveness of the “blame the victim” mindset.

The mind boggles at the…bizarreness of statements like those or like this:

And just how the hell do they do that? And where, in what book is that even spelled out? Or is it something you heard from a preacher who, obviously, must be telling the truth?

Well, obviously…

…the “X-ray vision but only for 9 months” is a popular deal among foetuses.

Eh, I can actually guess at that one: Luke chapter 1, when Elizabeth is preggers with John the Baptist and she hears Mary, preggers with Jesus, call out a greeting, supposedly John “leapt in the womb” or some such shit.

You’re slipping up. That’s a Buddhist philosophy, not a Christian one.

Who said anything about kanicbird being an actual Christian? His worldview is a patchwork of cherry-picked and misunderstood Biblical quotes and some totally made-up stuff to fill in the gaps.

It’s sort of like an adobe religion.

Yea but he’s hung up on good, evil, and self. Delusions which block enlightenment, and lead to suffering. At least if I understand Buddhism correctly.

We’ve had this discussion before. Last month, I think. He’s not a troll, he’s insane. Like, clinically diagnosed as insane. IIRC, his psychiatrists “got it wrong” and he’s “healed by Jesus”.

kanicbird has been around for a long time. Has (s)he always been such a fucking nutjob but just too quiet for anyone to notice, or is this a new thing?

If it’s new…what the fuck happened, kanic? Were you lobotomized?

Pod person.
My vote is for pod person.

I vote for, “NinjaChick hasn’t been paying attention.”

He’s been like this pretty much since he showed up, as far as I can tell.

Here’s his first (well, earliest available) post:

*Well, there’s definitely one talking ass who thinks Jesus speaks through him.
**Meteorologists are the true priests. Who knew?
***Disney World- it’s Jesus Country!

Not really. I know a few New Agey types who believe that we choose the kind of life we want to have before we’re born, the idea being that we have lessons to learn before we can move on to the next stage of existence. Kind of Buddhist, actually.

You know better than to post under someone else’s name, Der Trihs

From what I remember of his posting history, kanicbird has always been kind of on the conservative Christian side, but he used to post more like a normal fundy – :rolleyes: stuff, but not WTF :eek: stuff. In the last year or two he seems to have become more overtly religiose and eccentric in his postings – perhaps not unlike someone who has gone off his meds. I think he believes what he says, but I don’t think these are any kind of denominational church teachings. They seem highly idiosyncratic to me.

I suspect there may be a psychiatric issue going on. Is it true that he’s been formally diagnosed and is refusing treatment?

Just watch her around safety pins and electric blankets…