Kantaloopi .. Take your bow.

I love this place.
SDMB has helped me survive, find love and now even has helped me sort out a tax rebate.

I noticed that Kantaloopi was Finish.
“Aha” thought I “someone who might understand these forms that the finnish tax office keep sending me”

So I chanced my arm and asked Kantaloopi for a brief
synopsis of what the hell these people wanted. What I got was a four page complete translation. I even had my bruised linguistic ego massaged when told that even for a Finn the language was difficult.

SO the upshot is that they do owe me money.
Actually quite a bit.I got on the phone with my newly translated ammunition and now the money is on the way.

So Kiitos Kantaloopi .
Hyvva Kantaloopi!

You put a lot of work into that for me and I really do appreciate it. Sometime I’ll line up a row of koskenkorvas in front of you and just keep saying thanks until you fall over.

So anyone else got reasons to be thankful to fellow dopers for unrecognised kindnesses that benefitted them nothing?

Thank you, thank you. Glad to be of help.