Kanye on Twitter: "COSBY INNOCENT!!!" Help me understand.

When a kerfuffle on Twitter is something I hear about, well, there must be some kerfuffling going on.

So, Kanye tweeted that?

Is he intending to be sincere, or is there some Twitter spin play I can’t comprehend?

I wonder how this will play out - many, many African American women and men have come down very clearly against Cosby.


I have not seen this, but it may be that he had not been mentioned in the press for more than fifteen minutes and he started fearing that people would forget he existed.

Well, as I asked in a comment on whatever Gawker site this was on;

“Kanye, the real question is would you leave him alone with Kim in a hotel room for several hours?”

If I was a betting woman, I’d lay odds that this is it.

The alternative is that Kanye is simply too racist to look beyond the fact that a black man is being accused of a crime.

Perhaps Kanye didn’t feel the normal pull of the rest of the universe revolving around him and needed to correct that. (ETA: or, in other words, what DrFidelius said… :smack:)

Mission accomplished.

I’m glad saved us from the need for an investigation and trial. Thanks Kanye! Don’t listen to the haters!

He will change his tune once Cosby wins some sort of musical award.

Attention whore, seeking attention. In lead up to release of new album.

We live in an age when it seems to be all about, “are people talking about me”, regardless of why they’re talking about you!

And it works! Because now, we’re all talking about him! Winning!

Yeah, sorry; not looking to feed the beast. Just trying to understand if there was a narrative about Cosby that I hadn’t heard about or some motive other than silly attention.

Carry on.

It’s Kanye. What else could it be?

While that would be a troubled world view, I don’t see how that is racism.

I’m game. I’ll take that risk.

Fair point. I guess I flashed back to the first time I recall Kanye opening his mouth, commenting on George W. Bush not liking Black People based on W’s response to Katrina. Over time, we have come to see that Kanye is only out for Kanye, but that statement was anchored on something actually going on.

My guess, based on everything he’s ever said, is that he could be genuinely stupid.

What I want to know is: Where does he stand on the whole flat earth issue??? And while we’re at it, does he think OJ was innocent, too?

I didn’t care that he interrupted Taylor Swift, it was just an awards show. (And he let her finish.) I feel like comedians said stuff like “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” all the time. So in my mind, he hasn’t done anything that weird.

Until this. This is misogynistic to all those women who have come forward by now, and to me unforgivable.

So is that two-word message all that he tweeted? (I haven’t heard anything about the kerfuffle personally.) Could he possibly have gotten fooled by a fake news item that made the Facebook rounds recently stating that all the charges against Cosby had been dropped?

Here’s what I found on CNN:

And apparently Bill Clinton stole his “is”…maybe Bill was short an “is” when he used the “is is” arguement.