Kanye on Twitter: "COSBY INNOCENT!!!" Help me understand.

He likes Cosby and/or his work, hence he thinks he’s innocent. It’s probably that simple.

I’m hoping for a drunk tweet. Either that, or maybe he’s just taking advantage of that simple but oft-forgotten rule of grammar: the understood “until proven guilty in a court of law by a trial of his peers.”

Perhaps he sat down with Kim for a night of Kardashian bio-pic watching and confused OJ with Cosby.

Kanye West is just a fame-whore, like his wife (who also happens to be a whore-whore). And a flaming racist. And a shameless, self-aggrandizing, talent-less douchebag. I dislike and disrespect him even more than Mr. Cosby…

Maybe he has tiger blood.

Are you kidding? Have you seen Kim’s ass? And no, I don’t mean Kanye.


I thought of that, too. Or the real one where some women lost a lawsuit against him, when the claimed defamation for him calling them liars. It could even be a cry of frustration.

But post #2 is still probably correct. Even if he was drunk or something, he’s keeping mum because it will drum up controversy and get him in the news. Then he’ll conveniently explain himself, which will then get him in the news again.

BC innocent? Err… no, but-

If we as a society decide to ignore the statute of limitations and right to a speedy trial, then NO ONE is safe.

Most of this is probably true, but talent-less he is not.

I don’t think that’s a fair representation of her. I’ll give you that she’s a figurative whore (and what a figure!). But these days, most tv personalities are as well.

Kanye is like Donald Trump with talent and actually being self-made.

He’s 50 years too late, then. Since 1965 Cosby’s albums have won nine Grammys; most of these are entirely spoken-word but some include music.

Bolding mine. Oh, come on. Unless you’re talking about a different Mr. Cosby, he’s a rapist, which is far worse than everything on your list.

But you’re both showing your disdain and disrespect by referring to him as Mr. Cosby?

Nah, actual whore.
[li]She got famous by putting out a sex-tape. Strike one.[/li][li]She went thru with her marriage to that retarded basketball player so her & her family could cash in on the wedding (continuing to have sex with him), then got an annulment. Strike Two.[/li][li]She was paid a couple hundred thousand dollars to be the ‘escort’ of some rich old geezer in Europe (the classy venue refused them entry) which means she either blew him or gave him a handy. Strike Three.[/li][/ul]
Fat gross whore. Bleeeech!!

I guess I’ll accept all that bad craziness for just the utter amazing entertainment insanity that is Ye. Not content with a fashion show that is also his new album reveal (The Life of Pedro is the official name apparently, after So Help Me God, SWISH, and Waves), he announces that he created a video game of his mom riding through the gates of heaven. No, really.


*Today’s *Cosby? Other than the trauma of watching him drool and maybe even die, it’d be pretty damn safe.

Based upon the tried and true “Guilty until proven innocent- and still fucking guilty after that, cause the media sez so!” school of thought.


I am white, if I assume a white man is innocent as a form of Caucasian solidarity then that would be racist. If I assume that a white man is being prosecuted (persecuted?) owing to being melanin-disadvantaged that is racist.

The same goes for a black guy in regards to another black guy.

Personally I think this is a 2% racism, 3% and 98% attention* deficit disorder (he feels there is a deficit of attention being paid to him and he must correct this disorder.)


  • It’s Kanye, everything he does is >100% - just ask him.