Kanye West in trouble for defending his baby momma Kim.

I know Kanye is known for having a temper. I think in this case he was justified in defending his finance Kim. Calling her a Nigger lover and a slut? Yeah, that deserves a punch in the nose.

Kanya can afford good lawyers. Hopefully they can take care of this. It could be tricky because Kanye showed up a few minutes later to beat the guys ass.

It’s a shame interracial couples still have to put up with abuse like this.

Cynical bastard that I am, I’m calling publicity stunt.

The Term “fighting words” comes to mind, but he apparently did not directly hear them, so unprovoked assault?

Kanye probably will get charged with something. I guess it would have been better if Kim hadn’t called him. It’s really hard for a guy not to defend someone they care about. Those were some very hateful words from a very vile guy.

I dislike Kanye immensely but I have to say if there is a list of good reasons to beat the shit out of a guy, calling your wife a “nigger lover” has to be on that list.

IIUC, the guy tries to help Kim get into the building and away from the photographers. In the course of this, the guy refers to the photographers with the F-slur and the N-word, and then Kim rebukes the guy for using the N-word. (Not fggot, interestingly). Then the guy calls Kim a ngger lover and stupid sl*t.

But this part I don’t understand -

Did she go with him into the office?

Then West attacks the guy.

Yes, tricky.

If I were West’s lawyer (I am not, nor anyone else’s) I would advise him to settle out of court. I very much doubt if there is legal justification for beating someone up now for something he said a few minutes ago, especially if he is (allegedly) sitting in a chair.

Perhaps one of the Great Legal Minds of the SDMB can chime in. Is there a “fighting words” exception that would apply if someone calls your girlfriend hideous names?


PS - I assume the guy is white, or at the least, not black.

Crazy prediction: it’s going to turn out this didn’t happen as exactly as it was breathlessly described.

It might even be that, once money changes hands, it didn’t happen at all.


Kim is decsribed as a “baby momma” in the thread title, and a “finance” in the first post. I’m guessing the second is a spell check error, but where does the first come from? Is this some cultural nuance I’m missing?

Kanye and Kim remind me of Sean Penn and Madonna. Sean hates the paparazzi and marrying Madonna put him in that spotlight. He was always blowing up and getting into fights with them. The media glare helped kill their marriage.

Kanye has the same personality. Big ego, easily offended, and short tempered. I can’t see his relationship with Kim surviving the constant paparazzi attention. Kim loves fame and needs the paparazzi for her career. Kanye hates them.

Kim and Kanye had a baby together last year. So she’s Kanye’s baby momma. I heard the term from some college kids where I work. It’s shorthand for saying, She’s the mother of my child.

While I am sure that there are people who use babymama indiscriminately, usually it is reserved for a woman the speaker does not have a current relationship with. They’re not their wife or girlfriend, they’re a babymama, the mother of their kids. Also, it’s usually slightly disparaging, because why else wouldn’t the father want to continue the relationship.

There’s been a similar controversy over Tamera Mowry’s marriage. For those who don’t recall, Tamera and Tia Mowry are twin sisters who had a couple of sitcoms a decade or so ago.

Time has moved on and both sisters are now married. But Tia’s husband is black while Tamera’s husband is white. And Tamera says that she and her husband have had to deal with a lot of hostility over having an interracial marriage.

The irony, which shows how stupid racism is at its core, is that the Mowry sisters are themselves biracial - their mother is black and their father is white.

I didn’t realize that. I just heard the phrase and started using it. I’m glad you pointed out my mistake. I’ll avoid that phrase from now on.

I’ll treat this as a potty break in my hating the guy.

As big of a douchebag as the man is, if the story is as reported, he gets a total pass from me.

Just wanted on record that “baby momma” and “baby daddy” represent everything that needs to be said about the decline of civilization. That is all.

Taking the story at face value, it sounds like a big pay day for the punchee. Someone calling you obnoxious names isn’t justification to physically assault them. Certainly not in the eyes of the courts.

If that’s the best you can come up with as an example of a declining civilization, you’re never going to make pro.

How about climbing on stage and taking the mike from the speaker? Guys who did that used to get assisted into the trunk of their cars.

No, it’s everything that needs to be said - all else can be inferred.