Karate Kid: What is the name of that posture?

It’s gotten to be a cliche for “really badass” but it looks more like Tai Chi than any practical fighting pose. As I recall, it was on one foot with both arms up and hands sorta drooping.

Wasn’t it called the crane?

First time I saw that move in the movie, I was like: the only way you could get hit by that is if you ran straight at him.

Cue final fight scene, where the biggest bad… runs right at Ralph Macchio who is waiting in the posture. :rolleyes:

Yes. “The Crane Kick”.

Yeah. . .and he basically leads with his chin.

When Laruso tries it in KK2, the Japanese bad guy blocks it. But, Laruso uses the drum technique on him.

But isn’t the pose itself some kind of Tai Chi balance posture?


(And yes, tai chi is a martial art; it’s just that most people don’t approach it that way.)

This is the way it should have ended. Filled to the brim with Zabka.

The Crane appears to be useful in baseball, too. :smiley:

from the earlier link:

The kick, yeah (I saw that before posting the OP), but I was asking about the pose.

but, but, he said:

“if do right, no can defend”

so it must be real, it must be!!!

Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?

Next thing these so-called “experts” will be telling us is that you can’t become a black-belt through the fierce application of mad fence-painting and car-polishing skillz.

Because, if so, I want my weekend back. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that the pose was all part of the crane-kick package.

a Crane-Suite if you will.

I’ve studied martial arts for many years and the only time I’ve seen anything like that pose was in the movies.

It reminds me remotely of some Tai-Chi stretches, but only remotely.

I have to say, as a parent, I’m rather glad it has “very little practical application”. As any mom of boys knows, it’s about the third “karate” move every little boy tries on his little brother. Thankfully, it sucks, and no one gets hurt or seriously scared except the cat who was hiding under the coffee table that the kid trying the crane move falls onto when he tries to kick.

But it LOOKS badass, and that’s the most important thing in a Hollywood movie or when determining the hierarchy of playmates.

NO SENSAJ!!! (yeah, I probably butchered the hell out of that spelling)

[sub]It never looked “badass” to me. Just really lame and dorky looking.[/sub]

Isn’t that where Frasier and his father live?

I studied martial arts for just a year back in the 70s and it’s even patently ridiculous to me! He is wide open, unbalanced, and cannot leverage a kick.

Thank you for verifying my suspicion, since I can’t find anything online that gets closer than “remotely.”

Close: sensei
Now sand the floor.

Has it, though? I thought that most of the time when you see someone do it in a movie or something, it means that the person thinks he’s incredibly tough, when in fact he is kinda pathetic. Am I wrong?