Katie F'ing Couric

Does she make anybody else besides me sick to their fucking stomach?

Look at this bullshit she does as the world unravels

She IS the movie “IDIOCRACY”

Or could I possibly be in love with her because I truly despise that creature.

The fact that you know enough to CafePit her makes me think that you’re in luuuuuuve.

Koufax and Katie, sitting in a tree…



You did mention fucking twice in your post.

Say what you like, but it takes courage to have your colonoscopy shown on national television. I know with certainty that Katie Couric has guts.

What bullshit is she doing? How is she a movie? Is she causing the world to unravel faster?

Personally, if someone made me sick to my stomach, I wouldn’t read Harper’s Bazaar articles about them.

Turn the channel… duh.

What “courage”??? Courage is the ability to overcome fear of something bad happening to you to do something that will make that bad thing possible. Such as charging a machine gun nest, or going into a burning building to rescue a child. What “courage” is she showing??? :mad:
I really hate misuse of that word.

Perhaps you should be examining the use of the word “guts” instead.

My gripe with that link was the flash movie in the fucking middle of the page. How do I block that with AdBlock Plus? Would I have to open the list of blockable items and hunt it down?

Personally, I hate the perky little bitch. She’s a perfect example of someone rising far above their capabilities.

Isn’t that what America is all about? Are you a terrorist? Why else would you hate America so much? :frowning:

Barely-made-up-face? Maybe they didn’t actually look at the pictures.

I saw the link on Drudge and anything negative about that phony asshole gets my attention.

And she is a “movie” (Idiocracy) in that she is helping dumb us down with her “help me pick a good sign off saying for the end of the show” and bullshit like that.

Someone should ask HER what books she reads. As much as I dislike Sarah Palin, I am sure some producer was telling Katie what questions to ask through her earpiece that day.

She’s hot.

I thought the same thing at the time—Katie Couric dosent seem intelligent enough to come up with her own questions during interviews.

Forget Adblock, you need Flashblock!