Kaylee vs. Bailey

You know the drill.

I give up. What’s a Kaylee?

Kaylee is the engineer chick from Firefly.

I’d go Bailey. It’s the glasses. Glasses always win - even humongous 80s glasses.

Kaylee - without a doubt.

Well, the debate starts with Bailey winning through intellectual prowess, but the tide turns (and becomes much more entertaining) when Kaylee, her body covered in motor oil, decides to take things physical and starts wrassling Bailey.

I’ll be in my bunk.

I can’t say I’m familiar with the, er, body of work of Kaylee, so I’ll have to go with Ms. Quarters, too.

I’ll break the trend and ask, what’s a Bailey?

If it’s a fight, Kaylee’s not teh violent type. We love her anyway. If it’s a strawberry eating conetst, ho ho, watch out.

Just imagining the slick, shiny skin of a strawberry bursting as Kaylee’s teeth puncture the skin, the juice glimmering out from the seal between her lips and the berry… the sparkle in her eyes as she tastes the sweet, sweet nectar…

I’ll be in my bunk, too.

Bailey is Jan Smithers, the beautiful model who hid behind glasses and shyness on WKRP in Cincinnati. Bailey vs. Jennifer has been a staple here for years.

Click on those pictures of Jan before you choose.

I never thought I’d ever choose someone other than Bailey, but I have to go with Kaylee.

And, yeah, you know where I’ll be…

In the contest of Kaylee vs. Bailey, the winner is … um, my bunk. Where I’ll be. In.

I it just me, or is it getting hot in this thread?


And I’m in mah bunk.


And I don’t need no stinking bunk! :smiley:

Um, her last movie was Please Cum Inside Me 8? Wow, I can’t imagine why I’ve not heard of her. Maybe someone can link to a pick of the other Kaylee?

Had to look it up in IMDB my own-danged-self. Having never seen the show I’d still have to go with her.

Kaylee all the way…and she’d diagnose whatever’s wrong with the engine while they’re on the floor grappling. Me, Bunk. You get the idea.

Morena Baccarin played Inara.

Jewel Saite played Kaylee.

Jan Smithers played Bailey.

Not seeing the Kaylee attraction.
But then again, Bailey Quarters has been in my top 5 for decades, so it’ll take a lot to bump her down the list.

Bailey - provided she’s wearing Johnny Fever’s Black Death t-shirt.

And BTW, you prudes can hang out in your bunks all you want…I’m heading out to the front porch in front of God and everybody!

Oh, man. I remember that scene.

I’ll be, um, taking a cold shower.