Kazaa Error

Okay, I’m having a problem with my Kazaa, not that it hasn’t been all peaches and cream to begin with. It’s produced several errors already, but now I’m having an error with it, itself.

I’m getting the error:
Unable to open C:\Program Files\Kazaa\Db\data1024.dbb
Now, I can open my files that I’ve down loaded through the desktop shortcut, but I can’t open my kazaa files through kazaa.

Can anyone help me with this?

Check to see if one of those directories has been renamed or moved. Ditto with the file.

lockdown, in 3…2…

922 posts and you don’t know the rules about P2P programmes?
tsk, tsk.
Anyway, it sounds like something ad-aware would delete, but this isn’t the place to ask.

What rule about P2P programs?

Since they’re used almost exclusively to steal music, movies, and software discussing them is against board rules

Yes, I suppose I did know that I wasn’t supposed to be discussing the potential illegalness of P2P stuff. I didn’t think this violated it though-I was asking about an error, which is related to the program. The program isn’t illegal, is it? Just downloading copyrighted materials.

Am I right, or have I been living in sin?

In any event, I think I fixed the problem.

I rebooted my system a couple of times and things worked out. Now I’m wondering, did I fix the problem this way, or is my computer now a host to all sorts of bad calamities in waiting…

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