Kazaa -- problems with the paid-for version?

My son downloaded the free version of this monstrous program last year. It caused the usual problems with the computer – major slowing down, lots of crap dumped onto the hard drive, adware, spyware – who knows what all. Plus, once I knew he had downloaded it, I objected on moral grounds as well. So, I made him delete it – which didn’t help much and I had to fully restore the hard drive to get rid of it and get my computer back to normal.

But, he liked Kazaa and he misses it and (with his own money, naturally) he wishes to buy the paid-for version.
Does paying for it mean it won’t screw up the computer the way the free version did? I’m hoping to hear from someone who actually has the pay version and can testify that it is problem free. Thanks!

IIRC, you may be under the impression that paying for the software that runs KaZaa, means paying for the music.

I beleive that KaZaa is still trading software, even if you get the ‘paid version’, which just has no adfs, doesn’t it?

Are you getting confused with the new Napster 2.0?

I’m sure you already realize that Kazaa Pro is still copyright infrigment. However, i wouldn’t trust it to not ruin my comp. Instead, you should get the excellet Kazaa Lite. It’s a hacked version with all the crap removed and a bunch of features added.

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Technically speaking, you should NOT get any version of KaZaA, since they are all considered to infringe on copyrights.

Ashtar, I think you mean “Practically speaking”.

“Technically” speaking, KaZaA does not infringe on any copyrights.

We take intellectual property rights seriously around here. Questions about how to get the most out of file sharing programs are not permitted.

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